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Campaign Guide to Terrene

This guide will give you some facts and insight into the places and peoples that inhabit the world of Terrene. The history here takes up right after the history in the Tome of the Gods. So, let us get right into it.

There are currently three inhabited continents. Aviron the largest and second most inhabited. Regnum Eon, the 2nd largest and least populated, and finally the Mineral Islands is the smallest and most settled. The last continent Khemti is a desert realm, and had a civilization for 2,012 years, and it vanished 200 years ago.

The History of the 4th Age

As told by the Bard Alex Griffon

As the fourth age was getting underway, the races began living and growing. Each race in its own way found ways to live where their race was born. This more than any other factor defined the core values and strengths of the race today. The gods let the races discover and learn new things as life dictated. They only occasionally gave into the temptation of inspiring the races. Of course, the forces of Contempt used their influence as well. Scyndar was the first to walk among the mortal races.

Scyndar continues his travels around the world in the guise of a storyteller. He journeys from place to place and teaches them the importance of family and community. He also teaches many of the techniques of how to be self-sufficient. He shows them how to build a house, to have a fire in the home with a hearth for safety. The fire will keep your homes warm, and you can tell stories when you cannot work outside.

Allyra in the guise of an old Halfling arrives in a small settlement on Regnum Eon called Summerwell. Allyra teaches many things about how to tend fields, crops and animal husbandry. There are many stories about her visit passed down through all the 38 original families of Halflings.

Soon many other gods attended the races in this way. They each teach, in their way, bringing the skills needed to survive. These skills told from parent to child through 10 generations. They establishTraditions and customs, and history becomes legend, and some legends become myth. Each race develops its unique civilization. Terrene lives in relative peace during this time.

A few gods travel together, and in the guise of children they visit Theo. Theo forms the Church of Light.

During this time, however, the creatures of the underworld sought to learn how to influence those on Terrene and other worlds. They studied and discovered ways to send whisperings through the gates of the underworld. They learned to sow their vile seeds of greed and fear to the inhabitants of the many worlds. Terrene is to be to focus their new talents, for the gods favor this world.


At first, only petty crimes and acts are committed. Some would violate the tenants of one church and since not a member of a particular church would not be subject to its laws. Then other crimes were committed against society itself.

The followers of Ahk are the first to realize the need for a set of laws to govern all the followers of the gods fairly. The advocates with divine guidance take up the task. First, the advocates establish laws on how to judge those that break the law, how they shall treat those accused, what rights they have and finally, the manner and type of their representation. Then the advocates establish “Common Law.” These laws apply to all those that proclaim their allegiance to any church of the gods. The advocates revise this later to include the cults of Dural, Neriah, and Mysteria.

After little time criminals began to band together into small bands of outlaws, then into militant gangs. The various churches would try to address the growing problem. That coupled with the occasional problems with monsters forced the religions to realize that unification was necessary to address these significant problems. The people turned to their gods, and the gods turned to Ellina. Ellina sent her knights on quests to seek out those with the leadership qualities needed to lead all the people under a single banner. The Regents would then teach them further, and finally, when they were ready, the Regents would perform a Ritual and proclaim their bloodlines worthy to lead others. She also instructed her Regents to advise those in positions of authority and to teach the children of the leaders, so they could have a reliable leader when the current one passed on. Also, it fell to the Regents to maintain the records of the bloodlines.

In 40,301 in northwest Aviron, the first Noble House is Established (House of Aviron), and they named the continent Aviron after that house.

Some races are forgotten. Since they had no real power were left to fend for themselves. Among them are the Orcs, Goblins, Ogres and many others. They were originally skirmish forces with little to no magic and used to delay the enemy so the better-trained and highly magical forces could do their work. Now these races roam the world. Some are bitter that the gods have forgotten them; some have turned their back on the gods and despise the new races. Some have found acceptance.

The elves build their ships to move up and down the west coast of Avion.

The Jotnar society grows they begin to voyage from their small island realm seeking out other lands. Some find other islands and lands. Many are lost at sea and never heard from again. A Jotnar named Savrel, a Mariner of Sivan, journeyed over the ocean. His ship hit some jagged rocks and takes massive damage. Savrel is going to die. As he lay there, he cries out to Sivan, “Why after a life of service am I being left to die here?” Sivan angered saves Savrel and threw Savrel’s ship out to the center of the Great Ocean. Savrel traveled for months and could not find land. Savrel cried again unto Sivan, “why did you save me only to let me die here?” Sivan appears from beneath the waves and catches the man as he falls from the ship. In a booming voice, he asks, “Why is it you seek to leave me?” You worship the god of the sea and yet you are not at home on the sea. Savrel said he needed to eat and needed others to be with him. Sivan tells him all you need is the sea. Savrel said his magic only let him be under the sea for short times. Sivan waves his hand, and he says all that you need is in the sea have faith. Savrel leaps into the water and disappears for hours. He comes forth from the water exuberant. He says to Sivan; I will bring others here to learn about the sea. However, I need a way to find my way back here. Sivan creates the Titansas guides over the world’s vast oceans. They give directions to all those who give honor to Sivan.

A Mariner of Sivan while consulting his elders allows two brothers to split, and this leads to the dividing of the Jotnar into 2 races, the Jotnar, and the Giants. The Jotnar find a peaceful existence living in the wetlands on the waters of the world. Their brothers now called the Giants find a new darker path. They leave their watery home and find their way to Aviron to live in the mountains high and away from those that have shunned them.

Gnomes discover and create devices to allow celestial navigation and they begin to teach it to the races of the world.

As the races grow. The Regents acknowledge a new kingdom, Elenia, in 40,325. 36 years later, when the king becomes ill, the country falls into a civil war. The new king is a tyrant. The new King finally dies, and his son takes the throne and re-establishes common law and the authority of the Regents, in 40,372.

The dwarves of Siginzar build their watercraft and explore the underground waterways.

40,401 and the One hundred Year War

The forces of darkness grew, a man named Eldak Silintel a follower of Astaroth, rose through the ranks of the military and soon became the general in the east. He was cruel to his men, but he was more brutal to his enemy, and the men loved giving to the enemy more than they got from their general. When Eldak finally took command of the whole of the army, it was the largest the world had ever seen.

By 40,429, the war was well underway. Many create alliances, and one agreement would prove fatal for both, and the cause of evil in the future ahead. It was a secret alliance between Arie and Irym the Bastul leader. Ohma, a Chronicler of History, is there. She writes every detail she sees and hears in her great tome.

King Zuirr, a powerful man, was a grandfather when the war started, but he knew his family would have to fight. He trained his family, and they are ready. He set out from his palace in Thessaly, to retake the city of beauty His forces consist of his son Cru-ess, commanding 2 legions. His brother Dadiric and sister Denaira each commanding 3 legions. Upon their arrival, the city lies in ruins, and Arie was gone. King Zuirr ordered Denaira to track down Arie. Denaira was a great hunter and eager for the task. King Zuirr orders Dadiric back to Thessaly to defend there. Cru-ess stayed with his father to uphold and rebuild the city of Beauty.

Denaira spends 2 years and tracks Arie into the mountains. There she meets up with a small brigade of Asgian Rangers led by Tadaros. Tadaros eldest son of King Zuirr was a powerful man with long blonde hair, like his father. He told Denaira that he is hunting the bastuls and he tells her they ally themselves with Arie. Tadaros tells Denaira that has not been able to find the Bastul for over 3 months, but they seemed to have vanished.

Dadiric reaches finds the city strong and sees no reason to stay. Therefore, he takes his legions to check on the City of Myrth. Dadiric finds the city completely unprepared for war. Fordir, the dwarf ruler, was drunk and sleeping in his bedchamber with several women. Dadiric takes command of Myrth and resists his first instinct to kill Fordir, after all, what can one expect from a Quitari follower. Dadiric puts Fordir his company on the road to a safe location.

On the road, Fordir and his group get lost and wander for 3 months. They meet a man named Pan. Fordir asks if he will play his pipes for his company. Pan agrees, and the music so enchants the group that Fordir asks Pan to join the group. Pan is a player of the pan pipes. Soon jealousy erupts and Fordir and Pan fight over one of the females, Chalcedony. Fordir challenges Pan to a drinking game and Pan agrees. Pan tries to cheat but even, so Fordir drinks Pan under the table. Fordir casts a spell on drunken Pan and turns him into a Satyr, the 1st of his Kind. Fordir leaves Pan in a nearby forest, and his company moves on.

For months, Pan laments his curse. In his agony, a shadowy figure finds him and offers him acceptance and revenge. Pan turns to the evil god Shadon and goes to the shadow world to join with his forces.

Ohma watches as a powerful wizard summons Balor, the greatest servant in the underworld. The wizard battles for his life but Balor wins and takes his life and soul. In the fight, Balor loses his sword off a ledge a great chasm and Ohma seizes the chance to steal Balor's sword.

The war rages on, ravaging many of Terrene’s forests, areas of beauty and areas necessary for civilization to survive. Silvan, Kiren, Milee, and Dofahn call a council of their fellow druids. They decide to join the fight. They investigate and side with King Zuirr and his forces as they try to keep the lands from the ravages of war.

The war drags on, and Milee in her frustration and anger lashes out blindly with her forces against the stronghold of Sarik, Shadon's lover. Sarik is a tall woman with dark skin and beautiful green hair, and her eyes were milky white. Sarik fights back and repels Milee’s attack. When the forces of Milee withdrew to regroup, she sends her troops out of the castle to finish her attacker. The forces of Milee are tired and pressed to the limit when a miracle shows up. Anfadir (an elf Védith) shows up with two legions, and Sarik’s forces are now fighting on two fronts. However, Sarik summons her giant Wolf to even things up a bit. On the 5th night of the battle, the wolf leaps out of the darkness and in a personally battle that rages on for an hour the wolf can take Anfadir's hand. Meanwhile, Sarik and Milee fight two more days until the magical wrath of these two women tears open a rift. Milee seeing the danger retreats as Sarik attempts to control the rift. The magic Sarik uses is not powerful enough after a full minute and over 300 mana she loses control of the rift, and it explodes, and she is lost. Anfadir tells Milee he wants his hand back and sets out to get it.

For four months, Anfadir is tracking the wolf when he comes across his good friend Tadaros, and they exchange stories. Anfadir is concerned that Tadaros still cannot find the bastuls and joins with him to help. Their path takes them deep in the mountains they find King Damon talking to a "mystical looking well." They sit quietly. King Damon seems to discuss many things with the well. After several days, King Damon then plucks out his eye and throws it in the well. He tells Tadaros and Anfadir he now knows where to find the bastuls.

King Damon heads back to his home and his wife, Crystal. On his way, he meets his long lost brother Kir. Kir tries to beguile King Damon, but King Damon's newfound wisdom saves him. Kir disturbed that his perfect plan did not work tried covertly to captivate King Damon's allies, his 2 Falcons but they end up fighting with each other and fly home. Kir tries to beguile King Damon’s two wolves, but they were deeply in love with each other and did not succumb to Kir. Finally, Kir sought to beguile King Damon's horse, but his horse slept. Frustrated Kir turned himself into a male horse and fornicated with King Damon's horse and left.

King Damon woke in the morning refreshed and headed off. He wanted to stop by a nearby dwarven realm to get some drink and exchange stories. When he arrived, he came across a mortally wounded dwarf, Clandil Silverhand. He picked up the dwarf and carried him. However, during the journey to his people, Clandil died. Clandil’s people were sad at the death of their great hero and leader, but they thanked King Damon for bringing his body back. They thanked him by giving him a great spear; they called it the Spear of Destiny. After exchanging stories with the dwarves and much consuming significant amounts of ale, King Damon headed home.

Shortly after reaching home, King Damon's horse gave birth to a strange 8 legged beast. He named it Sleipnir. King Damon’s son Magar and his grandsons Jesi and Wayun were at his home. Crystal at her husband’s return threw a big party for the town, and she cooked for everyone. King Damon tells of his tales. Crystal thanks her God Scyndar for the return of her husband and that her home and family are still complete.

With their grandfather now back, Jesi and Wayun, ever eager for a new adventure, set out to find their father Tadaros and Join in his hunt. The boys ventured into the mountains they found a small company of bastul and went to fight them. Well, the battle lasted a long time. The bastuls would die then get right back up and start fighting. It made Jesi furious. He flung himself into them raging until blood spilled from his eyes and ears and still they would not die. His blood finally exploded sending out his fiery anger destroying all the bastuls and himself. Wayun was tired, but his strength was legendary, and he carried his brother for 6 days, he found his dad, Tadaros. Tadaros and his army were in a pitched battle with the leading group of bastuls. They were fighting in a frozen wasteland. Wayun laying his brother's body down, rushed and joined his dad in a fierce battle with Hrugir, the largest bastul he had ever seen. At one point Tadaros's hammer bounced off Hrugir's shoulder and went spinning wildly. Wayun caught it and threw it back to his dad. The battle ended in victory with Wayun’s help. Wayun passes along the weakness to fire of the bastuls.

The battle won, but there was no joy in it, Jesi had died. Tadaros had Wayun pick up his hammer. It was astonishing. Thufain had forged that Hammer and told Tadaros only he would be able to pick it up. Tadaros told his son of the stories he and Thufain had accomplished long ago. Then it came to him, Tadaros took Jesi to Thufain's realm and asked to put Jesi’s soul into Thufain's Forge so that it could forge great items worthy of both man and dwarf. Items made on this forge has a tiny piece of Jesi’s soul. They now call the forge the Soul Forge.

Thufain, a worshipper of Ellina new his new forge would need a fire like no other. He went looking to Surtur the King of the fire giants. He was hoping he could offer him a sword. The deal is made, and Thufain forges him the Sword of Revenge but unknown to Surtur it will betray him in the end.

Now with the fire, Thufain begins to forge such items, as the world would shutter from the utterance of their names. They would soon become legend and myth.

Surtur with his sword seeks revenge for the losses he has endured to his bastuls, at the hand of Denaira. He and his kin face her. Surtur has about 30 arrows in him when he reaches Denaira. His sword of Revenge does its work and strikes down Denaira. Surtur returns to his volcanic realms to rest and heal satisfied that his sword has proved itself. Allyra accepts Denaira into her realm for her sacrifice, and the 1,000s of foes dropped during her great hunt.

A Crusader of Dara, Derek, brings King Zuirr word of Denaira's death. He sends Derek to Dadiric ordering him home. King Zuirr sends word to Liza but finds she is missing. King Zuir goes looking for her. He finds Liza and Helena, his wife, talking. They both do unhappy when he arrives. He makes a hasty retreat and heads sought to find Tyell, a worshiper of Darmon. He will need all the luck to survive the wrath of those two women. Tyell ever King Zuirr's ally goes with him in search of Gera (a follower of Hephaestus) to make weapons counter the Surtur's Sword of Revenge. Gera asks King Zuirr for a gift, someone who will love him. King Zuirr and Tyell venture to the water and demand that Shalimyr (A follower of Sivan) tell him where Ahroe is. Shalimy refuses, and King Zuirr decides to throttle Shalimyr into compliance. After they wrestle, Shalimyr relents and tells him where Ahroe is. He then goes to Ahroe and asks her to come with him. The three go back to Gera, and King Zuirr has Tyell Draw a pentagram to keep Ahroe from running off. King Zuirr performs the ritual himself. Gera begins his work, and he works for months on end, making weapons and armor for his kin.

Tyell and King Zuirr then move on and later decide to visit Aurora, King Zuirr's favorite daughter. See if she has any news about the whereabouts of the bastuls. Upon arriving Derek is there waiting for him. He has brought some gifts for Aurora from Gera and brings news an attack has ravaged Demora's lands and that her daughter Prudence was taken captive. Demora has abandoned her lands Thesamore, to look for her daughter. King Zuirr orders Derek to find Demora, send her home, then find Cru-ess, and bring him to Hadik to find Prudence. King Zuirr knows his brother Hadik’s heart and his love of Prudence. Hadik worships Orcus. This love he has for the heart of Prudence most faiths find unsettling, and yet something King Zuirr has wholly embraced with some amusement. Tyell does not see the entertainment but laughs at King Zuirr and the predicament he will have to face one day.


Derek finds Demora wandering the caves deep in the world and tells her of King Zuirr's command. She resists and Derek tells her the rest of King Zuirr's command. She decides to go with Derek to see Hadik and tells him to leave Cru-ess out of it. He attracts more problems than we need. They find that his dark realm is not as dreary as it once was. There is no hiding Prudence's presence even in this dark realm. As they travel, they find death everywhere and fight many creatures in this dark realm called Marathon. They find Victoria held captive, and they then succeed in saving her. She tells them she saw Prudence and that she came here willingly. Demora does not believe her. The three continue to seek out Hadik’s castle. After some months, they find it, and Derek demands entrance under the order of the great Zuirr. The gates open and Prudence is standing their naked. She tells them to go away that she will be back soon. Demora protests. Victoria and Derek rush past Prudence and launch attacks in a frenzy of blood hatred on everyone they see. They cut down a thousand of Hadik’s men, as they turn to face more they realize that the 1,000 dead stand again and now they surround them. Prudence seeing the predicament her decision has brought orders all to stop, to the surprise of the three Hadik humbles himself before her. Prudence she conjures a robe and leaves with her three friends.

Victoria is dismayed that Denaira has fallen. She decides to join in the hunt for the bastuls. She asks Protheus and Tantalus to join her. Protheus says he needs to take a special fire given him by Ellina to Gera and perhaps we can get weapons to help us in our fight. Tantalus slips away unnoticed and steals some Ambrosia (Ambrosia is a life giving nectar), granted to King Zuirr by Ellina. They arrive at Gera’s forge. Gera has many weapons and armors for the group and gives them 13 swords of great power. Each of Ebon Steel, black hilts and a white mark on the grip to signify what each does. Gera says to be careful they have an intelligence of their own. Victoria Takes the Sword of Force (Shield Breaker) and sends the 11 other swords with Protheus to King Zuirr Thessaly. Protheus leaves the fire with Gera for his use.


Victoria with Tantalus head to Mount Pentelicus, the last known battle that Tadaros and his army fought against the bastuls. They come across Cru-ess and Shalimyr and decide to join forces. The four find themselves at Lake Aegean Here they find Irym and Arie, their two allied armies facing each other across an open field. The leaders of both armies have met to plan their next move. Shalimyr says he will take care of this, and he sends Victoria and the others west to find their allies. Shalimyr sneaks into the water on the far side and being a Sivan follower, he is quite able to swim the mile under water. He then invokes the water spirits to attack both sides. In the chaos, each side blames the others, and they fight. Arie and Irym escape, but each took heavy losses with more than 20,000 souls dead.

All of the blood in the water affected Shalimyr; he tries to avoid its effect and leaves to wash the blood from himself. He finds his way to a world of water, but not even the pure water here can clean the blood off. Aelir was there waiting for him, and a great torrent erupts as they begin to do battle. Neither finds an advantage until Shalimyr gets a small amount of air and is able to summon his last bit of power. He summons The Kraken. Aelir fights hard, but he is defeated and repents his sins. With his help, Shalimyr and Aelir drive all evil from this world of pure water. Aelir at the end dies but is given rest for a time before being reborn.


The dwarves while digging miles underground unearthed a being of such immense power and evil that those who found it disintegrated from the mere look of it. The dwarves were in a fight for their existence. They had battled creatures but nothing like this. It size and magic was immense. The dwarves were losing levels of their homeland and people each day. Each fight was one for survival, and the dwarves were using every trick and trap they could muster. They won a few battles, but their losses were becoming significant, as the creature now had allies that it summoned to help it in its fight.

During one such battle, a dark, tall creature with red eyes found them fighting and was able to facilitate a victory for the small band of dwarves. They inquired of him his name and race. He told them his name was Vicor and that his race is the Cimmerians. He taught them a few things for free passage of his clan north through the dwarf kingdom. The granted this without hesitation. Now emboldened with their newfound Runecraft, they set out to reclaim the lower levels of their home. They never saw the Cimmerians again.


With the final battle is soon to be Kings Damon and Zuirr summon all their armies for the final battle. When all the great generals arrive, they head to King Surtur's realm. There they take the fight to Surtur. However, just as the battle was going their way, the traitorous pig Kir betrayed King Damon and his host. Kir led a commanding General (follower of Typhon) who leading ¼ Arie's army up behind them. Among this evil host was the wolf that bit off Anfadir's hand Lord Balor. Arie and Irym the Bastul leader arrive and see the battle Typhon and not knowing of Kir’s change of sides attack his forces from both sides. They Decimate Kir’s forces, but the wolf and Balor survive and are not under the control of their master Kir. They begin to ravage the armies of Damon and Zuirr. The Epic struggle turns bad for King Damon and his host on a mountain they called Final Destiny. However, just when hope seemed fleeting, from a nearby mountain lightning and all manner of death comes raining down on Arie's Army. It is Dadiric, Aurora, Helena, Victoria, Tyell, and their armies attacking. The new battles raged on for 66 months on those two mountains. Magic would kill, then magic would bring them back to life and after years of battling, both mountains now show the scars of war. Time may not be enough to heal these wounds. These wounds are soaked in blood, scorched by magic and black with death.

Ohma sat quietly noting the whole thing in her great tome.

Three final notes from Omha’s record bears mentioning: “The boats of Charon and the chariots of light were packed high with souls day in and day out for the year after the battle. Also, I noted that General Eldak Silintel was not among them”. Finally, it is rumored even today that a lost soul can still be seen trying to find its way from those mountains to their final rest.


The dwarves emerge from their war victorious to see a decimated world above. Seeing no help from above, they isolated themselves. They begin working on building their empire even stronger, with more defenses and using construction they techniques and magic their war with the Tyrant had forced them to learn.


The scars of war left the world with much to think and pray about. As they do the gods, deliver unto the races of Terrene, some needed wisdom. The gods first said have faith in your gods, 2nd believe in your own abilities to solve your own problems. 3rd have hope and fortitude in hard times, 4th be thrifty and be vigilant in the good times, 5th avoid pride, envy, vanity and anger for these are the tools of the enemy.


Land of Opal Fire is established; they descend from some of the great leaders of the 100 Year War.


The Imaskaari, a race from another world, after suffering a great plague, they dispersed, some came to Terrene and created some cities in eastern parts of Aviron. The story has it that they were tall and slender with blue skin. They were the masters of crystal and rune. They also had a connection with the water that was unusual but reports on this are sketchy and filled with wild conflicting stories.


The Bard’s College founded, by Drado Windchaser.

The Church of Light, in a great meeting of the faiths of the world agree on the eight acts of Mercy to help the good races.
Feed the hungry Give drink to the thirsty
Clothe the naked Give shelter to strangers
Visit the sick Teach the Ignorant
Bury the dead Minister to prisoners

Many of the significant artifacts from The 100 Year War are gathered. Those involved seal them behind the Black Aurora Gate. The rumor is that the gate is protected by two Titans. The gate has never been located.


Shinara Island is settled, Middletown and Port Kopas are established.

40, 733

The Imaskaari complete their conquest of the Untheric Empire in the east. They colonize the only ancient city known to have survived the fall of that Empire. Now Called Winter Cove, its old name was The City of Lassgor.


The Crown Wars:A group of elves (The Vyshaantar) rebel against the Proclamations of the Elven Court and leave. They head north to wage war against their brothers. The war lasts 40 years. The Vyshaantar are defeated and exiled. They find a new home in the Valley of Misery. The rumor says they have left their land and now live on the plane of Shadow. Elves from the shadow world are Moon Elves. Whether they are the start of the race or adopted by an already existing race of Moon elves, no one knows for sure.