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Adventurer's Guild

Adventurer's Wanted

Items for Trade

Item Type Rarity Ref#
Chess WandWandUNova
Figurine Silver RavenFigurineUNyrde
Defense +2, 1 hourPotionR5478
Horn of a Black UnicornMiscL349
Move Earth, DR6ScrollC143
Hand Mirror, ScyingMiscR374
Elixer of LifePotionV262
Ambrosia (Healing, stop aging)PotionH736
Amulet of The Undead, +2 to defense and +2 to saves vs. their abiltiesAmulet R2995
Orange Liquid, Removes Ability to be tracked for 24 hoursPerfume U239
Wand of Illusion, +2 IllusionsWandR687
Tome of the Blessed Light (Sacred Spells Ahk)TomeV5626
First SealMiscU2781
Medium PlateArmorU505
Bridle of FlightMiscR520
25 +2 BullettsAmmoU98
Raistlin's Kettle (AOE remove Poison Fog)12" KettleR3051
Long SwordSwordU678
Protection from Demons (duration 1-2 minutes)ScrollR5120
Blood of KhemSandR5728
Bifrost Helm, Vision, Cold Resist, +1 Def.HelmL492
Orb of Dragonkind BlueOrbL3690
Amulet of LightAmuletC4011
Inkwell of Concealment (Hides Writing) 50pInkU2966
Fourth SealMiscV3917
Jasper Stone, Venom Immunity This WorldGemV3076
Spinel Gem +1 Athletics ChecksGemC219
Descriptors for Magic Items
Descriptor Avg Equity Cost
Common (C) 0
Common (C) 1 - 2
UnCommon (U) 2 - 7
Rare (R) 8 - 17
Rare (R) 18 - 31
Very Rare (VR) 32 - 50
Very Rare (VR) 51 - 71
Legendary (L) 72 - 97
Hero (H) 98 - 127
Folk Hero (F) 128 - 161
Champion (P) 162 - 199
Godly (G) 200+
‡ Relics are artifacts with alignments and/or some religious connection and/or a conncetion to something intangible. All Relics for purposes of identification and use are artifacts.