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About Scott

My gaming background

I played my first D&D game in the mid 70s, starting with the Chain Mail, Swords and Sorcery boxed sets. We played off and on for a few years until 1st edition came out, it was then, for the first time, I took my position behind the screen. My first adventure still stands today and my players, when they get the chance, love to investigate it and all its mysteries. This was back my campaign world was a small island and a big dungeon. How thngs have changed!

Since those early days in the 1980s, I have been mastering games. I have played when I can, taking a break as needed and working with other dungeon masters to improve our craft both as game master and player. Over the years I have made many friends and had some fantastic times.

I have written several books that are available at DriveThruRPG.com and for now on Amazon.com. I have written for D20zines, Magazine Rack, and GenIsys Games.

I love gaming it is a creative outlet, I love the world and love to have the PCs mess it up. I enjoy the social interaction with my players, it is about making friends with common interests. I enjoy testing things on my players to see if we can make things more fun, it is always a group effort, and sometimes we have to promise never to try something again. It is a work in progress. My campaign is 65% role-playing sometimes more or less. My battles are very hard, the role-playing can be harder. I have no fear of posing moral or social dilemmas and love to watch the gears turn while characters come up with something crazy to emerge with their head held high.

I want players who want to relate to the game world, to feel it and wonder what is in 'that dark forest,' or under that 'evil mountain.' It is, after all, an adventure. The adventures will not always come to you. If you want something, you will have to go find it. There is no red "?" above anyone's head.

I enjoy the in character social politics as well as court intrigue. I prefer mid to high level campaigns.

Games I have been a master for:

D&D (1,2,3,5) I did master 4th edition for a short while, the artwork was awesome. Also GenIsys (complicated but very creative), Pathfinder, Fantasy Craft, SpyCraft (Best Modern system out there), Babylon 5, Amber the Diceless RPG, Cyberpunk and Star Wars (D6 and D20).

Games I have played

All of the above as well as Stargate (D20), Champions, Paladium, Shadow Run 2nd edition, and Space Master by ICE. Also played a WWII RPG called "Behind Enemy Lines," we did not play that long but it was fun.

Evolution of my campaign world

It started as a small island. Back in those days you did not need much above ground scenery, but as things change, my campaign grew, it has had several name changes and when things went electronic, I digiitized my maps, so things changed again. I created my own pantheon, and even that changed as the players actually saved heaven once.