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Born and raised in Sosnovy Bor, a town home to a huge nuclear power plant, deemed important enough to require permission to be in the town (excluding the inhabitants), and not far off from the major city of Saint Petersburg, it is also home to a newer Russian Mafia known as the Zolotov bratva, like any family many members can join, how they join is typically through struggles in the gulags, Ivan did not join this way.

Ivan sort of ‘forcefully’ join the ranks of the Zolotov mafia, Ivan has always had a knack for the net, growing up with it made it as natural as breathing, and living with older grandparents, he was free to explore the darker parts of the net, learning a great deal in his time. His self-taught approach solidified him as being an amazing netrunner, making quite a name for himself on the Net with his infamous handle ‘Shalashaska’. He loved the romantic side of the crime families, a bit naïve to their brutal nature. He hacked into the Sovietnik’s(Crime Boss Councilor, me) account and stole sensitive information on the Pahkan (Crime Boss) and used it to get an interview with them. The family had heard of the infamous Shalashaksa and wanted to take this opportunity to perhaps employ him in their ranks, they were surprised to meet the young Ivan, he apologized profusely for stealing the information but, wanted to show the Pahkan and Sovietnik how good he was and that he was worth his weight in credits and so badly wanted to be a part of the family.

The Pahkan, Yuri Zolotov, at first angered by this sheer disrespect, showed a relaxed stance, an almost relieved one at learning the truth of Shalashaska and his intention. He considered the offer and accepted quite excitedly, Yuri explained that he has a son and daughter, and how he loves them both, but that they are spoiled and lazy and he wants him to show them what it is like to earn his favor. To make the initiation permanent and to solidify the trust between them, Yuri asked Ivan for personally information on himself. Ivan did quickly and Yuri tattooed him as a member of the family himself, giving him a tattoo to signify him as an important member, he told him he would have to earn the respect from other members on his own, but, should anyone dispute his rank or legitimacy they can take it up with him.

Pleased with this, he started doing jobs for the family, earning a decent amount of credits, and taking care of his younger sister Darce, doting on her every chance he could, even going so far as to spoil her. Ivan’s sister loves him dearly, they both have been close since their parents went missing somewhere in North America.

Ivan’s life after joining the family got a lot more stressful. Young girls would fawn over him, he had a very early heartbreaking relationship with a girl who left him upon finding out he was part of the Zolotov family, and his problems persisted with relationships and luck as he lost a large sum of money on a gambling ring. When he turned 19 he found a close friend within the family, a confidant of sort and his partner in crime for a while, Zack Zolotov, Yuri’s son. Yuri started treating Ivan as another son of his own, happy with his work ethic influencing his son to start working hard as well.

With his friend Zack, both incurred the wrath of a fellow family member who Ivan and Zack found out was planning on killing Yuri and taking over the family for himself, this man simply went by Volton, he was a dangerous man. Ivan at any chance will discredit Volton, calling him a traitor, though many members in the family do not understand Ivan’s hatred for Volton. Volton on more than one occasion has ordered his followers to try to get rid of Ivan, although his plans never succeed.

Ivan fell in love with Yuri’s daughter Elanna, they both have stayed together to this day, a unorthodox love story, Elanna treats Ivan well, making him both a better man and a smarter one, she cares for his sister while Ivan is out running work for Yuri.

This last year was tough, Ivan’s longtime friend Zack decided to do the unthinkable. Ivan finally had a plan to get rid of Volton, he informed Yuri of his betrayal, had enough evidence to support his claim, he asked Yuri for permission to destroy Volton. Yuri granted this and wanted him to bring him Volton’s ring fingers and the piece of skin that has his family’s tattoo on it. For whatever reason, when Ivan faced off against Volton, Zack betrayed Ivan, decided that he wanted to take over the family for himself and that he didn’t like Yuri preferring him over his own son. A fight ensued between them. Ivan managed to take both Volton’s and Zack’s tattoos in the fight but, both escaped their destruction. Distraught over the betrayal, Ivan returned to Yuri, who had placed agents to watch the entire fight, he fully disowned his own son and officially adopted Ivan as his own son, he displayed both tattoos and made it known that the two traitors were now wanted dead or alive with a hefty sum paid for in full by the Zolotov family.

Ivan returned to Elanna and his sister Darce, he told them he was going to travel to America for a bit to get away from the threat posed by his new enemies and to see if he could find a lead on their missing parents. Both wanted to go, but, Ivan convinced them they needed to stay and be protected, Ivan gave Elanna a ring and promised himself only for her, and she in turned gave him one, Elanna’s ring although simple in design had a tracker inside that kept her connected to Ivan at all times, it was an pinky toe ring she would wear, Ivan’s was a nose ring, again, a simple design, but it kept them connected. Before leaving for America, Yuri told Ivan he was going to setup a job for him with a cooperation and the meeting would take place in America, he wanted Ivan to give up on finding his parents, but, knew he would not stop him and said if he could not find anything, to take the job, bring honor to the family and wealth and power. He gave Ivan a custom made MPK-11, with the family insignia and obsidian palm grips, an impressive weapon and some cybernetics to assist him, a gift for his loyalty and a present from his new father.

Ivan stayed in America, Night City for a short time, preferring to move from hotel to hotel, looking in the last city his parents were known to be, he unfortunately found no leads and decided to head up with the job that entailed protecting a rock star on his last tour, it would bring him back to Europe, closer to his new home and family. And that is where things get interesting…