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Detective Rainer Wolfcastle McBain

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Detective Rainer Wolfcastle McBain was a new breed of investigative cop in this era of cyberspace and technology. Young, hip to all the interesting applications of cutting edge tech, and capable of putting himself in the mindset of the criminals, McBain’s performance in the department and his connections had afforded him a meteoric rise through the ranks of the Night City Police Department’s Cyberpsycho Squad to become an independent investigative detective handling all manner of priority cases from homicides to heists. He even occasionally worked with his former Psycho Squad on particularly tricky cases.

But earlier this year, McBain walked into a crime scene in his own apartment within the corporate urban safe zone. On his bed were the bloody corpses of two young naked women. The two women had been stabbed to death over a dozen times each. The murder weapon, with McBain’s prints and DNA were found in the apartment’s bathroom along with evidence of an attempted clean-up. On top of that, later coroner’s examination found McBain’s DNA on and within several of the two young women’s orifices. The young women were later identified as a famous up-and-coming 3-D vidporn star, RoXXXe Lyn, and her equally sexy girlfriend, Katrina Lakshmi, the lead singer for the all-female punk band Unstitched Grimalkin.

McBain was immediately arrested upon arrival at his apartment and taken into custody while the evidence was processed. While he admitted that he’d been having an ongoing sexual relationship with the publicly committed lesbian couple, he continued to protest his innocence of the crime and claim that someone must be trying to frame him while under questioning, though the evidence continued to stack up against him. Only because of his connections within the department and in the Mayor’s office did he survive the process.

After nearly a full twenty-four hours of questioning, the lead detective on the double-murder case—who had already set his sights on McBain several hours ago due to the evidence—Detective Tyrese Skowie was granted access to McBain’s location chip records. This was the first proof that McBain was innocent, as his location chip put him on the other side of Night City exactly where he said he was during the time of the murders.

Rather than simply be cleared of the charges though, McBain implored his bosses to ‘officially’ charge him with the murders and allow him to remain on ‘paid leave’ for the three month mandatory appeals process. McBain figured this time would allow him to hunt down the party or parties responsible for his frame-job. Contingencies were put in place though so that if McBain could not find those responsible, he would still be cleared of the crime and the investigation would resume.

Because of the gristly nature of the murders and the high-profile victims, McBain is has become quite infamous to the citizens of Night City, the US, and quite possibly beyond. Not long after his ‘arrest’, details of the crime and it’s victims became the subject of quite the global public media frenzy. Once the talking heads were done discussing the sexual exploits of the trio that ended in murder and the delightfully macabre details of said murder, they began unravelling the life story of McBain himself for all the world to know.

Born in Austria in 1994, young Rainer McBain grew up in one of the Eurotheatre’s first completed Arcologies. But as a young teen, his parents lost their jobs and due to poor money management were forced out of the Arcology and into indentured servitude on a corporate controlled farm. Teenage McBain’s only outlet from the dreary farm life is online video games. While his technical expertise is not much above average, McBain made up for it in extreme hand-eye coordination, the ability to maintain his concentration in intense situations, and an undeniable lucky streak.

Playing one particular competitive multiplayer shooter, he made a contact with someone all the way in America who was willing to help him get off the corporate farm. This meant coming to America though, where things were both more interesting and much more dangerous. It also meant leaving his stepsister, Alice. Since their early teens, the two had gravitated towards one another in more ways than just friendship. But this opportunity was not to be wasted.

So in 2011 at seventeen years of age, McBain left his sister Alice behind, an upset lover, although the both agreed his leaving was for the best. Once in Night City, McBain met his personal savior, politico Bryce Skellig. By day, Skellig worked in the Mayor’s office as an advisor to not only the current Mayor, but the past two as well. His years in the city—and the connections he’d made—had earned him an near emeritus position within the local government. Skellig’s only vice was an addiction to online video games, and it was through this interest that McBain and Skellig became fast friends.

Skellig arranged for McBain to enter the Night City Police Academy and introduced him newly corporate-minted NCPD Commissioner and former Arasaka-trained paramilitary commander, Captain Hal Wilson. Wilson had been instrumental in winning the war for Night City against the Mob. Now the corporations were cleaning up in the aftermath of the Mob War and both Skellig and Wilson were crucial during this time, and they were crucial in McBain’s early career.

In 2015, a new young officer on a NCPD Cyberpsycho Squad, McBain saved up enough Eurodollars to bring his stepsister over from Austria. McBain introduced Alice as his wife—teenage brides in Eurotheatre weren’t uncommon—and the two resumed their happy love affair. They lived in relative marital bliss, despite not technically being married, for several years.

During this period of relative bliss and happiness in his life, McBain’s Psycho Squad encountered a criminally insane over-juiced cyberpunk who was known only by the handle—Silicon Pulse. The man was responsible for a number of corporate assassinations and high-end tech heists within the corporate safe zone. McBain’s squad was tasked with tracking Pulse down and executing him. After several weeks, they got a lead that guided them to a warehouse in one of the combative suburban sectors on the fringe of Night City. It was a trap. Three members of McBain’s squad were killed, one tragically maimed beyond the repair of cyberware replacements. Only McBain himself escaped unscathed. There was no further sign of Silicon Pulse, but McBain still looks for signs of the man, despite the case being officially declared cold.

But in 2017, things began to chance in all facets of McBain’s life. He was offered two different jobs that year, one a promotion to full independent detective with the NCPD, the other a paramilitary position within the Special Operations division of L.E.Div. Under Skellig and Wilson’s advice, McBain turned down the Fed job in favor of staying within the NCPD and staying in Night City. But someone within the L.E.Div wasn’t happy being turned down. They hold a grudge against McBain and given the chance, they’ll come against him full force.

Combining the new job with some stress in the ‘marriage’, things started to go downhill in 2018 for McBain. His sister Alice wanted children, but McBain’s daily grind in the corrupt corporate center and suburban combat zones around Night City had hardened his mind and heart against raising children in this world. For months the two fought until ultimatums were issued and their lifetime affair was once again on the rocks. Alice moved out of his apartment and McBain was alone.

McBain’s best friend, TechNoir club owner Victoria Caine, took the depressed McBain under her care. It was she that introduced McBain to Katrina Lakshmi of Unstitched Grimalkin. Most reporters and news organizations knew nearly all of this within 48 hours of McBain’s arrest and the rest of the details they either made up or guessed at. They don’t know, of course, that McBain has an undeniable and irrefutable alibi for the murders.

What McBain himself doesn’t know is that it was his twisted sister Alice that used her old key to enter McBain’s apartment when she knew he wasn’t home and brutally slaughtered the two women. She used an advanced piece of tech to plant his fingerprints on the knife and a nanospray designed only to remove her DNA to cover her own tracks.