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My name Naree (콧구멍), it means lily. Pendulum (펜듈럼) to my friends). At age 16, I was already experimenting, with tech. I was starting my Master’s degree and I was on a pirate ship named The Inferno.

But look loser, I have to tell this from the start.

I was born on a freighter, at least that was what how my dad told it. He was a radio man and also helped out with the Radar and stuff. For a few years he shewed me away but I kept coming to watch, then he handed me an old AM radio, I know right, I did not care then and I took it apart and my dad taught me everything about it. Within a year I had fixed it. That was it, I was hooked. My dad and I were close. By the time I was 7 there were 5 kids I was number 2 under my brother Taddy. He hates it when I call him that. But as I grew I learned to work on every electronic component on that old tub. “Hmm, that is funny, I can’t even remember its name now, isn’t that weird? Oh well, where was I? Oh yes. The freighter when I was eleven our luck ran out. We were boarded by pirates and my dad negotiated his and my services for safety for his family. One thing about pirates they are big on family. Who would ever think that? They are blood thirsty sharks most of the time. I had to keep my wits about me, but I was more useful to the captain, and I think he knew it would be in everyone’s best interest if I was left alone. I learned a lot about men and women by watching which women could actually control the men they were with. It seemed like a lot of work, I did not see the point.

One woman Kas, she saw me looking on and told me a thing or two about “Things”, and she helped me figure out about men and women. We were good friends, I have not seen her since the accident.

Of course I had my run in with some of the men who thought they could have some fun behind the captain’s back. My dad caught one and cut up his arm. That “Old Jello” was what I called him. Oh things were always tense even across the room, I could see the desire for revenge. So I decided to be proactive and I put a live wire in his bed, not enough to kill him, but he knew it was me. He caught up with me in a forward compartment. I tried to fight back but he was just too big and strong and he beat me senseless. He told me if I told anyone what really happen my little sister Yuli would pay the price.

One evening late I was in the forward ammunition locker testing some electronics, I could not find anywhere else to work. I had a short in one of my servo control circuits and it sparked a fire. The fire blazed out of control quickly and I ran to get help. There were was a small explosion and then an explosion that shook the ship. My family stayed in one of the compartments nearby the locker and my mom got badly burned in one of the explosions. Our ship went down off the coast of Night City.

My dad got everyone to city but we lost everything. We were forced to live on the street. My dad tried to make ends meet but there was a darkness in his eyes. I think he tried to forgive me but I could see the anger in his eyes, the condemnation!

In my trying not be seen, I met a guy. He was my first. I was his girl and he was so cute and it was pretty hot for a while. On my 17th birthday I moved in with him. It was wonderful for a few months then he found out I used to be a pirate. His brother was killed by pirates, (I am pretty sure it was us) we kept living together, but it kept eating at him. He kept wavering on his feelings for me and his loyalty and his need for vengeance. He finally could not reconcile them, and he killed himself!

As I turned 18 I put this turmoil behind me and it helped me focus on finishing my Master’s degree. I landed my first corporate job Gibson Battlegear Inc. And within a year I had my first patent. I worked on a few projects with Gibson but my colleagues got those patents. It was cool of the 6 of us we each had a patent. We were on the rise. My best friend there was Lee, she was really cool and the guys were always drooling all over her. Our colleague Alec would join us all the time, he was gayer then a French cred chip. They are still my friends today, but Lee still works at Gibson. We would go out drinking and dancing in the corp zone. Those guys always thought they could get in our skirts. Sometime we let them.

By 19 I was living well. I moved in with a new boyfriend Adam and the relationship was hot and angry. After a few months, I woke up and found him and my new project ideas gone. He stole my designs for a new Fire Control Network. I tried to hunt him. I found my design on the market some months later. I had all my money in that project and after chasing him for 7 months I had nothing left. I was living on the street and addicted to the not so wiggly drug call Taxi Driver.

After almost a year of dealing with my Kamikaze addiction. I lost some of my hearing and was really messed up. I was finally arrested and was going to the slammer, but I made a friend Harvey Dent, a public defender. He saw something in me, he helped me get my life back. I, in turn fixed a lot of stuff for him and gave him some surveillance gear that helped him get appointed as the District attorney. He is a good man though, at least as much as you can be doing what he does. Anyway we stay in touch and he seems to be one of the nicer men I know. I still get the shakes occasionally and my reflexes are not the same.

I roomed with a girl named Lagatha, a medic from a local clinic, and she was okay but she was so barbaric about everything, she took her men and anything else she wanted. But she kept a lot of guys away that might have been bad news. One night she got drunk with her boyfriend Travis (bar tender at the red dragon, some kind of theme place) and she passed out drinking. He tried to hit on me and while I was fighting him off Lagatha woke up and blamed me. She started kicking me and telling me to fuck him. She was violent and everything we did hurt that night hurt. She hated me for it and every time she saw me she through it in my face. One day I came home and Travis was packing to go. He was calling me all sorts of names in a drunken rage and blamed me for all his problems. He was on the run it seemed, he told me not to say a word. When Lagatha came home I told her and she went after Travis and found him being beaten up by a poser gang. She tried to save him telling the gang I was the one who rated them out. The gang let them go and came looking for me. By now had my first gun. I killed two and set the others straight. They of course went back after Travis and Lagatha and they only had a few minutes to get their stuff and threaten me with all sorts of horrible things before they bugged out.

On my 21st birthday I was in love again. You think I would have learned by now. Frankie was a nut job from the very beginning. But that was part of the fun. As we got hot and heavy he changed and I saw the signs. Frankie was becoming a braindance junkie. I could not stop him, I did not want to. I wanted to get as far away from him as I could but he tracked me and I could not resist him. This went on for months until he became whacked. I tried to get him to a black clinic but he was too hard to control. He was picked up by a medico team. After that he was committed to a Rat-Lab.

I reconnected with Lee and we have worked on some brain storming together. But we have been so busy and now she has a guy. It is cool though, she and Fred are good together. They invite me over for dinner once a month or so. He works security for some firm, I can’t remember the name.

At age 22 I am now working under contract in R&D for Scorpio Labs a technological think tank that has contracts with some of the big corps for off book tech. Again riding high on the proverbial hog, my little sister Yuli was gunned down in the street. No witnesses, no clues. Because my family was nobody the cops did not do much. So I went to Harvey to get help. He did what he could and got me a name. Howard Merrill, a corporate director of Orion. At least that is what he found. I did my own checking and Howard was in Singapore at the time. How could Harvey get it so wrong, or why would he lie to me?

At 23 a new engineer started with Scorpio and he helped me get my Doctorate. Jason Rizzoli, was his name and he was our new project manager. He got our company on track and I got some audio implants to help with my hearing. He was an excellent leader and mentor. I learned a lot from his leadership. We have a great working relationship but lately we have not been as close, I am not sure why.

People call me Pendulum (펜듈럼) because my mind bounces back and forth between projects as do my conversations. I am 5-7, 120lbs, black pulled back long hair, I wear a tight jump suit and my favorite spike heeled boots. The trashy look seems to keep the guys away.

I still dress up occasionally and go out. It is my way of blowing off steam. When I am board I find myself taking stuff apart. I remember once in a conference room I was board and took apart the projector. How was I supposed to know they needed for the meeting?” Anyhow it seems to be a nervous tick. I live alone, I don’t trust too many people any more. It is good that way, I have parts and things all over my house that I am working on.


Gibson Battlegear

Scorpio, LLC