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xxx (Trek 30)



Dara's Nightmare (Trek 29)

Blades of Fate / Depraved Exiles

A new world begins. As our group completes its first few adventures for Whippoorwill, they are now looking to return to the Tower of 8.

The Coming Chaos (Trek 28)

Under 6'

A new world and already the Chaos is moving. Our Intrepid party seeks answers to the Chaos that is already seeking them.

Rescue of Aviron (Trek 27)

Band of the Hawks

Our band of prisoners have fled the Realm of the Wizard King, in search of a life with an eye to a future of revenge.

Forge of Nightmares (Trek 26)

Boys to Men

Our young adventurer's from Ravensberg are setting out on a great adventure.

Master or Servant (Trek 25) (Background)

Nomads of Terrene

Our new group of adventurers will meet to discuss and create characters.

Our last, best hope! (Trek 24)

Worthy Cause

After rescuing the town Morgan's Lair (Old name Morgan's Lair) Harold has left the party and is now the governor of the town, and is seeing to its restoration.

The Guardians of Forever (Trek 23) (Background)

The Ravens

A Cleric, collects a strange group of unlikely allies at an inn. It seems unusually subdued tonight. The quiet night at the inn.

Hell's Cypher (Trek 22) (Background)

Leg Eaters

Our most uncommon group of adventurer's has been in the making for 300 years. Finally the lord of evil is ready, his peices are recruited and he is now ready to play.

Servants of a Dark Power (Trek 21) (Background)

The Orphans or The Button Smashers

Our group has accepted a curse for the love of thier familes.

Rage of a Demon Lord (Trek 20) (Background)

Dude's in Waiting

As our new group enters a new world we begin our play-test of the new GenIsys game system.

Living in the Dreams of Zheenkeef (Trek 19)

Rescuers of Heaven

Our veteran group from various worlds and the past have been summoned by whippoorwill one more time to save more then they know.

Destiny in the Dark (Trek 18)

(Tom's Campaign) Our young group of adventurers have become fugitives from the Pit. Will they be able to survive the manhunt they have started. Part of the (RST) Ric, Scott, Tom colabartive campaing arcs.

Destiny in Fire (Trek 17)

The Company of the Book

Our young group of adventurers (The Barons) have embarked on a mission for the small town of Darkmoor. Little do they know of the danger that lurks close at hand and the great story that will unravel as they continue on their quest. Part of the (RST) Ric, Scott, Tom colabartive campaing arcs.

Wrath of Shadows (Trek 16)

Gnome Brigade

Our brave group "The Gnomish Brigade" summoned by a strange tower. The Tower of Peril, and exit the ritual of pain, each with a strange scar and no memory of the ritual. Quested now with a task of corruption, they must move slowly, cautiously through the good lands and seek out opportunities to sew the seeds of evil where they go. They head for the city of Val Illorn, the capitol of Cillirean to meat a mysterious contact.

Lords of Aviron (Trek 15)

Ocean's Adventurer's

Our brave Group has come from many walks of life and from the four corners of the world to fight evil, to seek out lost treasures and to become a powerful group to be reckoned with.

In Search of Aviron (Trek 14)

Native inhabitants of continent of Aviron, on the world called 'The Great Sphere'. This odd party setting out from the Free City of Aenar to seek adventure. They meet in a bar during a festival and found they each wanted more from life. They Decided to become adventurers. They have been hired by a local merchant to work on some tasks. First Stop the town of Loch-Duran. There is some trouble with the inn staff dieing.

The Claw of Vecna (Trek 13)

The Claw of Vecna, after much hard work in the realms of Greyhawk, they have under-minded the Black Orcs in and around Dorakkaa. They un-leashed Iuz's most hated enemy, A great Paladin for good. Our Evil party under tight control of the allied churchs of Vecna and Tiamat, have trained this group well in their evil, but keeping them from doing truely evil acts. They now head south into the lands of Furyondy to move among the populace to learn secrets, infiltrate the realms of good. Slowly, quietly the church of Vecna grows. Vecna saves only a few for his new world.

Trek 12 Finding Light in darkness

Shea, Brak, Zmine, Myshar, Derek seek a way to save the world. Alex Griffon has told them of his curse. Having left their 3rd world behind they arrive on "The Great Sphere" in a boat. Saved by the 8 men in 8 ships. Along with Mithrindir, Valiron, Alex, Tom, Valimar and Ivo.

Trek 10 Doom of a Duke From Hell

As our party has fled the lands of the their home, Fleeing from a tyrannical race of large humanoid snakes. This race invaded and completely destroyed their world. The wizards of the land sent many of its in habitants through a portal, to another world. Our party arrives on the new world called Takon. No sooner did they get there and the snakes appeared yet again. Our party flees to yet another world. A new world called the Great Sphere. Our party included Vashir Snakemoon, Elron, Darkmoon, Garthaur, Yaegar, Eveilious, Donril, Sava, Methias, and Kurgan. This was Kerstin's Only campaign with us. He has moved to Las Vegas. We miss him greatly.

Trek 9 Worlds Lost

Shae Dara, Zmine Dara, Myshar G'dal, Piotr, Darien all leave thier world of Zephyr behind.

Trek 8 Darkness is Fallingt

Our group of Dark adnventurers Remy, McKail, and Circ rampage across Zephyr.

Trek 7 Rider's of the North Return

Piotr, Areial, Myshar, join up with Ravenwood to discover what Whippoorwill wants them to do.

Trek 6 Walk among Shadows

Our evil Hanible, Bud Bloodbath, Atom Shadowaker and Ice Hawk bring shadow to a world of light.

Trek 5 A new light

Garlos, Ravenwood Sleestack, Atalanta, Gornaur, and Ki-Re are brought to Zephyr by whippoorwill to once again bring light to a darkening world.

Trek 4 A Bigger, Better World

Tom Bombadil, Alex Griffon, Wealand Fletcher, Griffith Miers, Nordri Goldenrock, arrive on this world to bring forth the light to an ever darkneing world. Summoned by a mysterious house called Whippoorwill.

Trek 3 Rise of the Direaney

They are "The Riders from the North!

Alex and Tom go their seperate ways after two worlds left in ruins.

Trek 2 Whippoorwill Rising

Matthew, Beverly, Richard, Ben Alex and Tom are the first recipiants of the the Rings of Mithrindir and become agents for good.

Trek 1 The Old World Destroyed

Old earth Ben Richard, Tom and Martin arrive on a small island to save the world, they fail and Rama destroys it but not before our heroes manage a great escape.