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The Tome

News and Clues for Trek 22

The Tome


"The keys have been forgotten by Time and Shadow. Everyone on dark path and even the gods themselves, all unwittingly serve only one evil master, we all serve and bow to "The DARK".





Captors come and captors go and I am still here giving my love to you and everyone who will come to me  others will test you for it is their way  to them I say nay have at me I will not sway ever vigilant I am  I am the one that saves the un-savable now that we have a goal now that we have a plan others will come, but I am the one can we persevere even in the face of the light never failing the darkness to the day I say goodnight


Found: Against he south wall squats a sculpture of a dragon carved from red- veined, white marble. This is about 4' tall.


ROOM: Dust, bits of stony debris, and rubble lie scattered on the floor. An ornate fountain is built into the southern wall. Though cracked, stained, and dry, the fountain's carving of rampant dragons destroying the heavens. You found the following riddle on the fountain::

Answer:"LUSTRUMS OF THE DRAGON" decifered
You also found: A Golden glowing room with hapr music.    


room that had a small offset room The Room was completely engulfed in flams. The fire was burning on the walls with no source of fuel. A large steel wheel was turned. The whole dungeon trembled as some great mechanism opened or closed.

 Explored the sky room: After dousing the lights at the end of the long narrow path way. Grizzel and Knock saw the sky as an organized group of stars and after polishing and using the tarnished cylinder they could make out imaginary forms in those stars. Nothing like the chaotic skies you see at night.

They also found a room filled with cages. Most of the animals were dead a few were alive, including one cat that meowed weakly. You opened all the cage doors through some scraps on the floor, closed the door and left. 

Black Hand Kobolds attack party in surprise attack to avenge their fallen brothers. One escapes!


You find a symbol on a golden tear drop shield. It is a large drop of blood with a hammer in it. They find it in a quiet room on the 2nd level.

At one room's center lies a squat stone altar, its top covered in recently spilled greyish blue liquid. Now dried. A channel in the altar funnels the liquid down its side to the floor where it fills grooves in the floor that trace some kind of pattern or symbol around the altar. An investigate check discerns its the shape of a 9 sided object with something that looks like a droplet inside.

You were unable to open Lord Hofar's 2nd room nor figure out the rocks falling. 



A small inscription reads: "I look to the heavens and I see only chaos"

 The Fire BOOK Info: This is a long winded story on the uses of fire and refers to safe storage of such magic items. It includes some references to a place called "The Vault" which the writer visited during the writing of the book. The dates leed you to believe the Vault was about 2 week's journey from where the writer was.

It also mentions in passing that a staff that was found producesf an effect that was similar to something called Starfire.

The writter's initials are A.S.

Grind Mountains: Masacare of the Black Hand Kobold tribe. 22 March 43,551.

Grind Mountains: The Night Owl is reported to have liberated a great treasure from the mountains. Constable's of Ahk say the assassin, known as the night owl, is wanted for 13 assassinations and should be hunted down and broght to justice. There is a reward for 1,000 silver for his capture.

Sovereignty of Cata: A major fire burned 80% of Barren falls Village, and as a result a haunting is rumored in neighboring villages.