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Rise of the Dwarf Clans

Group Name here

Player Character Title God Clan CP Archtype/Specialty Rank (Trait) Vassal Type
Danny Dizzina Battlehammer Baroness Ellina Battlehammer 168 Fighter/Warrior (??)
Incomplete Background
Ethan Jora Highlander Mayor Church of Light Highlander 160 Scoundrel/Thief
Kaleb Edric Dranith Mayor Dara Dranith 165 Fighter/Archer (Wise) ?
Les Rykar Koradul Mayor Scydar Koradul 165  Incomplete Background ?
Skyler Alder Darkhammer Mayor Allyra (Ahk) Balād 160 Fighter/Warrior (Orphan)
Incomplete Background

Chain Sword
Lost Blade of Ashthax

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Trek 29 Resournces

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Player Character Title God Clan CP Note Advisor Type
Connor Thorgrim Battlehammer Earl of _______ Ellina Battlehammer 153 Fighter/Skirmisher (Grizzled)
Alex Reyes Du'rok Underhill Mayor Church of Light Underhill 160 Clergy/Monk
Incomplete Background