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Blood of the Deceivers

Mercenaries of the Wheel

Player Character God Race CP Note
Alex Reyes Rex Orcus Human 283  
Connor Liam Undecided Va-Kesh 336  
Danny Seline Hecate Human 328  
Kaleb Alsif Astaroth Va-Kesh 265  
Les Alrin Undecided Human 339 Includes stolone CP
Skyler Vox Astaroth Human 287 Included pix
Zack Phoenix Undecided Elf 284  

Chain Sword
Lost Blade of Ashthax

Player Journals

Trek 28 Resournces

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Clues and News


Player Character God Race CP Note
Danny Barzok The Astaroth Half-Fiend/Vampire 325 MIA,DIA