Dragon pix

Character Creation

You should complete these in the order listed!

  1. You should probablly read this first Life in Aviron. Aviron is the name of the flat world you live on. You should check out the World Facts also. World Facts
  2. What god did your parents follow and why? If you don't follow that god, why? Most common folk worship at the Church of Light. 
  3. This is a good campaign. See this description of alignments for better understanding.
  4. You can play any class, but no class you play can use any assassination abilities.
  5. The Dragonborne have been wiped out. "Something about being allied with the enemy to all life."
  6. The drow were wiped out 1,000 years ago.
  7. What Drives you? It can't be money, or treasure; because these just get you what you really want. It has to be something important. +600 xp
  8. You have been on a few adventures, what happen to that group, who are it's members and where are they now. 1,200 XP, only 300 XP if you tell me they are dead.
  9. Why become an adventurer to get what you really want? Something tragic must have happened to make you choose the most deadly job in the world. Family members dying is pretty common in the world so it certainly can't be that easy.
  10. Create a background for your character. This should include several events that changed the wonderful child you were, into the person you are today. One event never defines an individual. These are usually tragic things.
  11. Include some family info as well, why you are not an apprentice for you dad, why your mom is letting you adventure etc.
  12. Send me a pix of your character.
  13. Ask your character: Where did you, a poor peasant, get the money and equipment you will start the game with.
  14. Remember you are a teen or pretty close to that age. You remember that far back, right? You were invincible, all adults that are your parents age are stupid and you know everything you needed to be an adult.
  15. When this is done send it to Scott and he will send you a character sheet.
  16. Finally we will meet and do the rest.

Things to think about

Some helpful hints