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Classes 5.0

Class Training

you don't NEED to train when you level up. But, if you pay for training you reiceve your Max hit points for the level instead of rolling them. You must spend 1 week with a person who is the class & level you are attaining or higher. His fee will be approximately 10 gold times his level. IE the value of his time.


Channel Divinity

You still get the same number of channel energies as the book.

A single action: Present your holy symbol, they must be able to see it or at least hear you and your admonition. They don’t need to be capable of hearing or seeing.

You may spend an inspiration (Action Die) to get an additional channel Divinity

Level Effect Burst Radius
1 Damage is 1d10+Wis + Prof Bonus, Push back 1 hexes 10’
5 Damage is 2d10+Wis + Prof Bonus, Push back 2 hexes 20’
9 Damage is 4d10+Wis + Prof Bonus, Push back 3 hexes 30’
12 Damage is 6d10+Wis + Prof Bonus, Push back 4 hexes 40’
15 Damage is 8d10+Wis + Prof Bonus, Push back 5 hexes 50’
18 Damage is 10d10+Wis + Prof Bonus, Push back 6 hexes 60’


Wizard's library

These books are common to a wizard's library and represent various areas of study. Many rites, devotions and other trainings will require study in one or more of these books. They range in cost from 50gc to 100gc. Some paths and other research will require other tomes. LIke to become a crafter of magic items would need the Crafter's Tome.

New Classes