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History of the Town of Arrowcrest

Several families started Arrowcrest 129 years ago. They fled the southern empire during it’s of civil war. The small village started near the Eon Forest and Mithril Mountains. The Martin family was among the refugees. The ranger for the group was Ivan Cristov a Ranger of Thellyne. Also among the families were the Lowell and the Litheen families. A small clan of dwarves came down from the mountains and offered smyth and other building services to the community. The Dranith family was among these.

The refugees worked together and got a building built for protection. It has been renovated and now stands as the city office building. They then began building the first homes and planting the first crops. Game was plentiful and the weather was mild and the village was prosperous. They had their share of attacks from creatures from the mountains and occasional goblins. The goblins took their toll on the early settlers more then any other source.

Overall the years have been pleasant for the small community. As of late a druid has taken over the Eon Forest (A Redwood Forest), a Halfling named Quintain. The druid has worked with the woodcutters to keep the forest in tact while still allowing the cutting for wood they need. The druid relocates animals from areas to be logged and plants new trees in the areas where logging has already taken place.

Arrowcrest Recent Events

Arrowcrest is an agricultural town as are most medieval towns of this size. It has a population of about 3,000 if you include the farmers and their families. The town is 131 years old. Taxes are fair for the kingdom, I think because we sell the kingdom the silver at just above cost. In being so far from the capitol and with so much free land in between we are left relatively alone. We also are very self sufficient out here on the frontier. Much of the décor in town is silver accented. The town is non-descript, from any other town. It is peaceful as people move through the markets and carry on their business. Those that are impoverished can find work in any number of works around the area and food is plentiful. Over the years the town has had problems, some monsters or even an occasional goblin, but nothing serious.

Arrowcrest is on good terms with Hobbitown and the country to the north is Pelen and they trade freely with Arrowcrest.

There is some black market stuff filtering in now through Arrowcrest. Law enforcement in Arrowcrest is aware of the alleged activity but has no leads at this time.

Arrowcrest is a growing city of trade as each Pelen and Elenium grows. There are plans for a coastal or near coastal city and a major road, but things are being kept a secret, as business concerns will start maneuvering for favorable position on the many contracts that will be needed to make it happen. Arrowcrest will be happy to stay a small city but hopes it will not become a ghost town if and when the silver mines dry up. So Arrowcrest does support endeavors to find more veins of minerals.

The present mayor is Lord Daron Erkara is a Korak follower and is very inventive and involved into modernizing the way things are done for the good of the town. He is a supporter of the guilds and their representative Sago on the city council.

2 years back the aqueduct system through the town was completed. The Guilds and mayor worked together to get it done. The city council controls the water so all farmers and ranchers get a fair amount of water.

The town has a somewhat odd local hero now. G.C. Ocean, a cleric of the great church. He has many stories to tell and he is quite helpful as a High Priest. The oddity of his return is that he came back a gnome, when he left he was human. Although GC has spun quite a tale around this change, there are many rumors of possession, imposter, and curses running around the town.