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Shinara Isle & Middletown

Map of Middletown

Shinara Island is a free isle. It has 2 cities Middletown and Port Kopas. They are very self sufficient and have very little need for export or import. The Isle itself is overseen by the Grand Druid Carlaina. The island has seen no war at least none that any one has ever talked about or written about. Shinara Isle is a beautiful island and for the most part is a typical wilderness. There are occasional monsters and bad guys here.

Middletown is run well and seems to see very little excitement. The only oddity is occasionally travelers walk up to the north gate, seeming from no where. They have been dubbed the Rider's From the North. There is nothing but wilderness up there so it is believed that the Grand Druid is sending them. Carlaina is a very powerful and respected. He is a great help to the land and says that she does not bring these prospective heroes to this land but she says they must be treated well as they are here for the good of the world. So Middletown always treats them with more respect then other travelers. The only criteria seems to be that you walk up to the north gate.

Port Kopas is a small sea port and it sees very little traffic. It serves as a free port to all ships. The law here is strange. Pirates and ships from rival countries are allowed to doc here and carry out there tasks. The city will not get involved in anything as long as the port facility is left alone. That includes battles and even piracy. The port has no ships of its own to rescue anyone. If you need help you have to get to the dock or shore.