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Inspiration/Action Dice

We are going to call inspiration Action Dice. Action Dice explode on a 6, which means if you roll a 6, you add that 6 and roll again. Action Dice keep exploding on a 6.

You use Action Dice for...

Starting Action Dice and how you get more

  1. Character start with 2 Action Dice each game session.
  2. Characters with a +2 or higher bonus in charisma gain one extra D6 Action Die at the start of each game session.
  3. You can collect more AD role-playing, but these are all lost at the end of the session.
  4. Next session you start with the Action Dice as listed in steps 1 and 2 above.
  5. Action Dice are awarded at the table for creative and innovaitve ideas, a bit of humour at the table, taking big chances for "Role Playing" Reasons. Any Hollywood type stunts attempted.


  1. If you have the "Inspired Leader" Feat you can use Action Die to aid another's roll that you can realistically inspire. This takes as long as it takes, but just a word or two can help in a critical situation. Like "look out" or "duck".
  2. A cleric with the Luck domain gains an extra Action Die starting at level 1.