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The Tome

Hi, this section is ideas and ways to maximize fun and game play. It will include advice for players to know how their GM thinks as well as ideas get the most out of abilities, feats and other tid bits in the game. It will aslo include rulings of various quetions that have come up during the game.

Knowing your GM

Good and Evil

As a good person you do not kill unarmed or helpless opponents; rape; torture; participate in slavery; cannibalism, or genocide; attack the clergy or desecrate a temple of the God’s of Light, kill a member of your family except in self-defense; use magic to harm the spirit, soul or life force; consort with demons, devils, daemons or their allies. You never destroy a soul, trap a soul or prevent a soul from being judged. Doing any of these things can and will corrupt your soul. These are the most evil of acts. See the table on page 10 for more detail.

Next let’s talk about dungeoneering. This is a plain and simple home invasion robbery. Unless the dungeon is empty or has no society you will have to justify your actions. Of course a GM can designate a race as irredeemable (making killing them and taking their stuff okay). This is a campaign decision. A race or nation may decide this is ok also but the divine laws trump these in the afterlife.

Grave Robbing is wrong. Sometimes when the need is great and the item therein is unique to the need it can be overlooked, but many times the item must be returned. those on either side will try to stop you from desecrating their loved ones or their heroes and icons.

There are those that you will meet that will push you, that are too powerful for you to take on. They do it for various reasons, sometimes just to be a jerk. So keep that in mind.