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Welcome to the Lords of Aviron Wiki

Here we will accumulate all the world's facts and history.

Just a few things before you start.

To create a link, just put [[Double Brackets]] around something. This will create a link. Spelling is critical for the links to find pages that already exist. If there is no place for that link to go, it will show a '?', when you click on it the wiki will create a new page when you click on the link. It is that easy. You can leave the link with the '?' for someone else to complete if you want as well.

You will see to the left, several, People, places, things, and Monsters.... When you write up something start there. e.g., If you want to write about a person you start on the people page. You can add links to anything you like.

Those pages should list those things in alphabetical order and link to a detail page. At the bottom of the page when in 'edit mode', it asks for the author, please put your name.

Finally, do not place links on this the HomePage.

As we grow I can add more sidebar categories. Let me know what you want.

If you need anything email Scott.

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Page last modified on October 03, 2020, at 12:38 AM