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Magic Item House Rules

Magic Item Attunement

Some magic items require a character to attune to them before the magical properties of those items can be enjoyed.

Attuning to a Magic Item:

The attunement process requires you to grasp or wear the item and spend a short rest focused on the item. This concentration can take the form of prayers, weapon practice, or meditation. In any case, the concentration period must be uninterrupted.

Some items magically reveal facts to certain types of creatures or in certain circumstances when attuned. If this does not work an Identify spell, or trial and error are needed.

Maximum Number of Attuned Items:

A creature can be attuned to one magic item per 3 levels.

Ending a Magic Item’s Attunement: Your attunement to an item ends when you no longer satisfy the item’s attunement prerequisites, when the item has been more than 100 feet away from you for 24 hours, and when you die. You can re-attune with it as normal. You can't Attune to an item above your maximum number of attunments. Also you can end attunement by spending a short rest with the item. You can't un-attune yourself from a cursed item.

Magic Item Identification

Magical potions are colored by Detect Magic to the school of magic they come from. They can only be Identified by the Identify spell. They have no taste.

Trial and Error and the Identify spell are some times your best ways to identify. The pearl is only consumed by Very Rare magic items. You can't identify Artifacts or Relics.

Only Alchemical potions have a taste, and can be identiifed chemically and by taste.

Magic items are not identified by spending a short rest with them.

Supernatural Effects:

These effects are not magic and not subject to magic resistance or dispelling.