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A former slave.

History: Born to Katherine, Agenta did not know his father, nor did he know much education aside from the books around the house and his uncle Darius, who would send him one once in a while. Most kids did not like him, said he looked like he "eats people." His life seemed simple, living on an island in the Obsidian Teeth. Until one day he was woken in the middle of the night, pulled from his bed, he heard his mother's voices, talking, shouting, he was carried for a while,....then, on to a boat… then into a cage. Without any provocation, Agenta was sold into slavery. He spent most of his youth this way. He was branded on his left hand with the company mark, an omega symbol. He was only ten that day. He first worked as a sort of a minor labor boy, in a kitchen. He was at the age of 14 moved to hard labor, working in a field, and then a farm, where he was freed by a human couple, Victor and his Wife Jenna, who made a habit of buying out slaves and offered to allow him to live in an orphanage they were in charge of. He remembered his mother however, and asked them to help him find his home. After a few weeks and checking the logs of his ownership, he found his way home. This was the last time he would make this mistake. His mother saw him walk through the door, and this time personally accompanied the men who walked him out the door, it turns out what Agenta assumed was sternness, was more akin to disgust. This began his second stint into slavery. Being a more fit age, he was thrown to the slaver ships. He learned his calling here, and after a few years, and scrounging some coin, he managed to flee when the ship was in port and escaped, only 17 at the time. He eventually used these ship skills he acquired to make a living, learning the proverbial ropes, anything from a bosun to a carpenter, he loved to practice anything he could learn, eventually finding the job of navigator, and he found the stars and the waters to give him comfort. He served on a dozen ships before landing on the Drifting Star, where he served his last two years at sea. One day while out on a voyage transporting cargo over the Arcium Sea, they came upon a great storm, seemingly out of nowhere. During this crazy event he was sent overboard while trying to help guide them out of the storm, the water burned his lungs, and everything went dark. Then he heard a voice…

Suddenly he awoke among various pieces of cargo, a drift. The ship torn asunder seemingly, and left no notable survivors. He lay there, sure he would die, when a smaller vessel, the Devil's Advocate, came upon him, rescuing him from certain death. Strange, He comed to learn they were now a few days from Southbend Reach….a continents worth of water from where the ship had encountered the storm. Once he returned to port, he happened upon a mirror, finding a mark across his left eye, a strange discoloration of skin, his eye now blue, but the other the yellow he was accustomed to. He also felt different, more ….alive. Over the coming years he managed to manifest this change, generating arcane forces with no prior knowledge of such. In Fact he felt he wasn't even the one who was speaking when he would do so. He spent much time researching what this could mean, and used his silver tongue from years of being around sailors and merchants make a living.

He had many stories in his time, learnt many lessons, but not sure which the next would be.


Katherine- mother, she is no different to Agenta now than a pirate vessel, attempting to sink his ship. She is everything he hopes to refute, a will never understand how she does what she does. The family business will never be his business. He was never sure if she hated him because he was an orc, or if he looked like his father, or maybe both. She thinks of him as an animal, and he thinks of her as an enemy.

Tellia- former wife, divorced, met her shortly after joining the crew of the Falling Star, she eventually grew tired of his constant sailing life, and took a lover. He fell for her one night in a tavern and they were married before they could spell each other's names. Agenta thinks of her as an annoying mistake, she never fails to remind him every time they see one another how selfish he was for "Running off"...even though it was their only income.

Victor and Jenna- kind couple, the first humans who ever treated him as normal and eventually lead to most of his closest crewmates and comrades being human. He feels that out of the races, humans can be the most kind, and aren't as bad as most orcs seem to treat them. He hasn't seen them since his mother sent him back into slavery.

Captain Ferrum- dwarven captain the the Falling Star, Agenta saw him as a role model, stern but fair, a solid leader, his fate was unknown after the storm. He once told Agenta that "you'd make a good captain, if you could be bothered," followed by a gruff laugh.

First mate Hank- an elf fellow, rather grizzly considering his race, he made a habit of juggling knives, was like a brother to Agenta, he still has a silver dagger he gave him, and collects knives, remembering Hank told him he would give Agenta a lesson one day. Maybe he will take it up, he does love practice. Fate unknown after the storm.

Neptune: pact patron, unknown exactly what or why, but he has apparently granted Agenta his new found abilities. Only time will tell what it means