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Akatosh Tamriel

Akatosh Tamriel Pix Akatosh Tamriel casting a spell

Akatosh Tamriel, Gray Elf from the lands of Kanen, began his career of adventure at the ripe age of 608. On commission with the Elven army, Akatosh was sent forth by the Elven King Mytharie, with a group of adventures known as “The Bronze Dragon Company.” The party was almost entirely of Elven blood, with the leadership of the Cavalier Sonthien and the Ranger Kalek. The druid Zarien there was, and the Rogue Soulus also. Finally they were accompanied by their guide in unfamiliar lands, the gnome Ellywick, adept of shadows and illusion.

Whilst traveling through human lands, the party encountered a small coastal village under siege by a monstrous humanoid tearing from house to house. Fighting alongside one of the remaining town militia, the team managed to rescue the village, earning their admiration. Learning that the source of the attack was a nearby evil wizard, the party volunteered to embark against the foe. A militiawoman, a human archer named Kaiya, joined The Company on this quest.

The party found and defeated the wizard inside his tower within a small fortified keep. However, after his death, the party fell prey to an insidious bit of fell sorcery – a portal opened up within the wizard’s secret sanctuary, transporting the entire party into a plane of Hell.

Months passed as the warriors wandered aimlessly through hell, constantly fighting demons in the shadow of Dispater’s Iron City. As a scholar of the arcane and divine, Akatosh found this challenge to be extremely trying, as the corruptness of the land prohibited the use of magicks greater than second level. However, even amidst such challenging hardships, it was still seen as an opportunity to study such an unique and mysterious environment. Finally, in desperation, the party bargained with a powerful demon for their transportation back to the prime material plane.

The party emerged from hell within the summoning circle of the Evil Summoner Wergnath, defeated him and his compatriots, and once again earned the admiration of the locals who were formerly under his rule. Though the lands were un-familiar, it was definitely the party’s home plane, and the local populace greeted the party with respect and honor. Several young warriors felt compelled to join the cause of the Bronze Dragons, so the company’s ranks were increased by the Paladin Randolphius and the Cavalier Grummond, as well as several militia regulars. In the following months, the party explored this unfamiliar region, making way back to their commissioned assignment.

All was well, until one fateful day. As the party nearly succumbed to defeat, they were saved by a Gold Dragon who interceded. The dragon spoke a warning of a coming evil, and that he required all able adventurers to heed his call. On the following day, a great evil would befall the land. Emerging from the council with the dragon, the party was aghast to find that great darkness had enveloped the land.

As months passed within the darkness, evil creatures and entities became more prevalent, and the realms of good faltered in number and strength. Villages became reclusive, cities burned, crime was rampant, and everywhere the shadow of fear lurked in the unknown. No longer were the adventures greeted as heroic saviors when they entered new towns. Now, they were greeted with suspicion at every turn; corruption of the darkness began to harden people’s hearts.

Yet Akatosh soldiered on – fighting valiantly aside the Bronze Dragons, helping those in need, and never passing up the opportunity to study and learn of the world, of magic, and of science. In the following months and years, the party managed to undo a portion of the evil instigated by the harrowing darkness. While much of the outlying world lay torn in chaos, the good deeds of the party served as a ray of light to those they had helped.

After six years of adventuring, the Company of the Bronze Dragon put their adventure on hiatus. By this time, Akatosh had amassed over 150 followers, zealous warriors, all eager to study the arts of the arcane and divine. With a small fortune of amassed treasure from years of questing, Akatosh founded a church. Akatosh Tamriel’s School for the Study of Arcane and Divine Magicks was created, and remains, a viable center for scholarly learning, free exchange of ideas, advancement of engineering and science, and the greater understanding of magic in all its forms.


Akatosh has a reverential fear of magic and its limitless potential. He has seen treachery and great evil masked behind magic, and knows that magic is a powerful and dangerous tool often wielded by evil to perform and conceal their dastardly deeds.

Akatosh is xenophobic, even for an elf. He has been betrayed by seemingly the most innocent of people. Still tries to act as a benefactor to the people in general, but is extremely afraid to trust those he does not know. Children in particular are the greatest source of fear, since they are almost innocent and trustworthy, and therefore can be the most dangerously deceptive. This is also why the education and upbringing of children is so important.


Akatosh is always looking for opportunities to help people. This is truly the most important reason to adventure. Though leery of betrayal, helping others and righting wrongs is always the number one priority.

Despite the hardships of an unintentional adventure through one of the levels of hell, Akatosh learned an unimaginable amount there. It was an unparalleled learning experience, and as such, he one day wishes now to study first-hand the other planes of existence.