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I remember the day my family was slain in front of me, as if it happened yesterday. My father, brother and I were harvesting the wheat in our field, getting ready to store the days’ bounty in our mill for the night so we could grind the wheat into flour the next morning. The three of us just finished locking up the mill when we heard our mother calling for her husband in a hasty and worried tone. The three of us came sprinting around the corner of our cottage to see six bandits riding up to meet us, bearing torches and having their weapons at the ready. As they approached us, their leader, a man with a scar of claw marks across his left eye, spoke and demanded that we leave at once since he and his men have claimed the land.

My father did not protest that they may take his land, but asked that we be given more time to gather our belongings and leave in the morning when the surrounding woods would be safe to travel. The leader protested and my father argued over this for a few moments, but to no avail; the leader ended the conversation by removing my fathers’ head from his shoulders, grinning and ordering his men to attack. The other five bandits dismounted and started towards my mother, brother and I. My mother turned and ordered my brother and me to run towards the city and dropped to her knees afterwards, falling forwards to reveal a few arrows in her back. My brother and I started running towards the nearby woods as arrows flew overhead. As we ran into the woods, I tripped and fell into blackness.

I awoke in the church of Ellina that my family prayed at when we were in the city to sell our goods, without my brother and a priest nearby tending to me. When I asked where my brother was and how I came to be at the church. The priest introduced himself and told me that I was discovered just outside the church that morning without my brother nearby and wasn’t sure of how I got there since no body was seen dropping me off. James, the priest, asked me why I was left in front of the church and about my parents; I spoke of the events that unfolded and how I lost my family. James listened to my tale and thus decided to adopt me into the church. While there, I grew up learning discipline and gained valuable martial prowess, showing particular aptitude with warhammers. At the age of 13 I earned my Clergymen status and received my holy symbol, and at the age 14 I had joined the local military. I was 17 when I travelled to Aenar and was visiting the barracks, when Katy Kuldee, the leader of Aenar, asked for volunteers for a quest most dear to her and I eagerly accepted. We made our way to a local tavern where she introduced me to an adventuring party.