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Targus Serra was the proud cleric of Sivan in the small hamlet of Berryvale he was the town's champion. The town loved him and he loved them. It was in this town he met his wife, they fell in love and they were married. Life was happy for them. Targus blessed the fishing, helped out the crops where he could and devoted his life to helping the town thrive. During a particularly heavy rainy season, a demon attacked the village with a small band of monsters. Targus stood bravely before them, fought off the band of monsters, but the demon was smart. He had brought the monsters as fodder to weaken and deplete the capabilities of the cleric. When Targus was sufficiently battered, the demon raised his great sword and slew Targus. The Demon then proceeded to destroy the hamlet. In the chaos, Targus's pregnant wife Primrose and a handful of townsfolk escaped the slaughter. Primrose and the townsfolk fled to a small island off the coast of Aviron where they established a cloister in memory of Targus, as well as a safe haven to raise her unborn children. Her children grew up healthy, and they gave birth to children and soon the cloister was full of life.

Andraeus grew up with his family. His family lived in a cloister to Sivan on an island. His entire family lived there. His grandparents, his parents, and his five siblings all were part of the group. Andraeus was born the third of six. The cloister serviced sailors on their journeys who would stop by for prayer to the water god. They also fished and shipped their catch to the mainland in a regular pattern.

Andraeus faintly remembered when he was a little child, his great-grandmother Primrose tried to teach him some arcane skills. His grandmother often told him comical stories of a powerful first attempt at a spell, that suddenly went awry and caused him and one other child to walk with a limp for many years. When Primrose passed away, he grew sad and soon he gave up all interest in the arcane arts.

After some mourning time, his father put him to work in the family fields, planting seeds, harvesting crops, and preparing the ground for new planting. Andraeus enjoyed this labor and developed into quite the strapping young man.

One day, a group of raiders disguised their boat and themselves as sailors looking for a Sivan church to pray at. In the main hall of the church, the raiders threw off their disguises and drew their blades. The family of mostly clerics put down the raid quickly. Andraeus succeeded in felling off one of the raiders with a trident he had picked up off the ground. The cloister saw this as a challenge of their faith directly from Sivan, and they took the raider's boat as their own. They no longer paid shippers to carry their goods to the mainland.

Andraeus's instructor in the prayers of Sivan was a kind old elf named Aramil. His instructor would often recollect stories of bravery and heroism. Some even with Targus himself. Often these musings and tangents would occur in the middle of lessons. Andraeus learned to respect and enjoy the company of this man. This old elf had a beautiful sketch book that Andreus would look through every day. Beautiful pictures of boats, ships, adventure and even a few of his Great Grandfather. Andraeus practiced his drawing and vowed one day to have a book as beautiful as Aramil's. One day he disappeared without a trace. Andraeus searched the whole island, every possible place he crawled and climbed looking for his instructor. But alas, he was unable to find him.

When Andraeus turned 18, he climbed in a boat, hoisted the sails and lay back, not touching the rudder at all. Sivan would take him to where he needed to be. After some minor adventures, he arrived in Crossroads. There he stayed for two years before he had a prophetic dream…