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Anon Baskern

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Birthday january 6th-3740

Father: Toreum Baskern (Alive) {Blacksmith}

Mother: Corra Baskern (deceased){former traveler, cartographer)

Firstborn: Korte (Role model, father figure)

Second born: Anon

Third born: Kayla

Second youngest: Damien

Youngest: Ornis

I am Engaged: Henna(Medicinal Expert)

The Ironbrand (family business name)

I speak Common, Elvish, Dwarish, Halfing

Achievement: Crafted a new type of medicinal tool

School: Educated formally by the Royal family tutor as repayment for my father's contributions to forging a crest-laid suit of armor for the king's heir, Mentor Demis refined me in formal education

Hobby: Collects maps due to a fascination with a sheltered life. Remembering the world, ergo remembering my mother.

Opposed to the social context in his home. Don’t expose outward appearance outside of the city in hopes to oppose their philosophy.

Picked up lock smithing in an attempt to find his footing in a craftsman career as the business was left to Kort and it was all I had come from.

Reason for adventuring: Do not wish to reflect my fathers trade, distant, wish to reflect the ideals of my mother, a world beyond this one. Realized the life of a craftsman would never lead me to see the world that i read of in my books, or a visage of the lands i wished to see.

Former travels:

Travelled with a pair of twins, Adrian and Artemis, former school mates and Demis' sons, archers by trade, showed me the ropes of life outside the city.

Adrian was dibilitated in battle, losing an arm, formerly retired at a young age.

Artemis decided the world was not a place to challenged without his brother and became a guard to the throne. Quiet life and a well-paid life.

Investigation (Inspired by the stories he enjoyed as a child and his lack of physical apptitude) became his trade, investigating disappearances and puzzles for a coin, refining his skills for inquiry and the observational refinement he gained from his experience with the twins.

His few years of harsher exposure gave him an insight into the criminal activity, being educated in the uses of thieves cant, the habits of pickpockets, and how to remain out of sight and in the shadows. He also put his trade use towards his new career, specifically his handiness with lockpicks, allowing easy entry into places of "investigative intrigue."


Father- My father, Toreum, is not entirely supportive of my life decisions, abandoning a craftsmen life (like his) in order to see the world. We talk very rarely, he is semi-retired by now as he helps Korte manage the business and offering insight from time to time. Most of our exchanges are gritty and end up in a disagreement or one of us flustered as he thinks i'm out to get myself killed as my mother did. I harbor some negative feelings towards him as i feel he didn’t always see the importance in Mothers work nor does he believe i can make it on my own due to not being akin to him or Korte (Physically strong and stern). Thinks my “delusions of grandeur” will lead to an early death. Regrets the education i was afforded due to his professional work with the crown as it feels it filled my mind with these ideas, especially as i travelled with my mentor’s sons.

Corra: died shortly after my 15th birthday. She was my attachment figure, and i would always listen to her stories of the lands she traveled, through the lands of magic and Fertile Lands (Primarily those around or of interest to Bravari Imperium). Father always worried about her, she always told me that the path you live is the path you choose, not what is laid before you. She used to send me maps in her letters of the places she had been, and sketches of the things she saw. I hope to embody the things she believed and the exploration she lived for. We learned of her death in The Valley of Misery when her traveling group (mostly soldiers of the crown) returned to Bravari. My father has always been grim and stern since then. After much mourning i realized that my mothers stories didnt have to just be stories, or memories. I could go out and live them for her. I feel she would have been proud of me.

Korte: I respect him greatly, I see him as the best of our mother and father, as he is strong-minded and tough, but he is not as stern or abrasive as our father. He does his best to follow the family legacy. Reliable craftsman less than a creative one. He did not take the education program we were provided by the crown to completion as i did, cutting out early in favor of learning the business. He and I are on good terms and when i write home, most letters are addressed to him or Henna. I am very proud to be his younger sibling, and he respects my life choices as he says “it takes a brave soul of any size to challenge the world.” He likes seeing the maps of the places ive been. Age: 30

Kayla: Being the only girl, kayla is very tough and very strong willed, much like our father. She likes hearing tales of places ive been, but does think i dont write home enough and i should talk to our father more. She is an academic, and is pursuing higher knowledge due to her esteem in education circles ( and the influence of Demis). She is yet to be married, likes to focus on her studies. (Age: 27 if older, 20 if younger).

Damien: being near the middle, damien is alot more lively than the oldest, often found causing trouble around town. Damien is currently receiving his education, while at times scampering off to meddle with his friends in the streets of Bivaria. He and I are on good terms as his lively nature is similar to my explorative one and i understand better than our father where it comes from. He asked me when i left the second time if he could come with me one day, and i told him it all depends on if he can manage to finish his education properly, as a sound mind is needed in the walls beyond. (age 17)

Ornis: Ornis is still very young and is the most unique among the five of us. He is kind and about as gullible as any child. Loves hearing of the stories in the letters i send. Last i was home i gave him all the maps i found on my travels with Artemis and Adrian, as “the journey was over”. I intend to show him all the maps ive collected thus far the next time i return. (Age-12)

Adrian- one of the twin sons of Demis (my mentor), Adrian was basically the leader/big brother figure among the 3 of us. We were in school at the same time, and upon graduation we all realized we wanted to see life outside the walls. Him and his brother accompanied me on my first track outside Bravari. On one such excursion into the Realm of the Dark Sisters, we were ambushed by a pack of Gnolls. Adrian lost his arm saving my life, and i am forever indebted to him. He decided an early retirement (working as an archery instructor under his father) was best for him, but told me he didnt save my life so i would come home and quit, but so i could continue the adventure for him.

Artemis: the companion twin of Adrian, Artemis helped me learn alot of the skills I still use today, such as hiding out of sight, or moving quietly. Between the two of them I found ways to make up for my lack of strength using skill and forethought. After his brother was debilitated during our gnoll encounter, Artemis didnt feel right going out without Adrian, decided to take his father up on a guard position. He did give me a set of thieves tools, telling me that my locksmith background might come in handy. He always liked to read and work with riddles much like myself.


Henna: I met her when I was 17, the daughter of a Medicinal Healer. She followed in the family trade, becoming very esteemed in her field. Despite her higher status to me our relationship was more based on our fascination with the wonders of the world, hers in nature specifically. When I write to her, I try and describe what the sky looks like where I am. She keeps track of where I've been on a large map in our home above the medicinal shop she now runs. She has alot of high quality clientele due to some of the skills she has access to (and partially due to their own ignorance into what some medicinal substances are capable of ). She encourages me to go out and explore the world, and loves to hear stories about it, as long as i promise to return alive.

Her and I collaborated to make a type of medicinal tool, using my knowledge of blacksmithing from my father, to make a type of press that allows you to press air when making herbal drinks/tonics, extracting more substance and aerating the liquid. It is a very popular preparation among her clients.