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Areolae (Ary)

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Ary's Mom is named Amalasuintha [Sue for short] (work, strength). Ary's Dad is named Ermenrus [Russ] (universal, power). Ary's older sis is Catriona [Cat] (Catherine: either pure or torture). Ary's younger siblings are twin brothers; Dubhglais [Doug] (dark, water) and Eyvindr [Ivan] (island, victory). The family name is D'Faethuch, which means 'people of the Desert'.

Ary was born in North Pengrove on the island of Solint. When she was 4, the village was set upon by a strange shadow which caused her family to flee to the Mineral Islands, along with all the other inhabitants of the village. Landing in what would become Diamond Port, they made a new life. Sue would teach girls (and some boys) the 'exotic' dances of Regnum Eon and Solint and Russ ran the business.

At the age of 6, after extra chores and especially good behavior, Ary got to watch a performance Sue gave. It was a folk dance from Regnum Eon for the eve of battle and Sue used a pair of ceremonial daggers in her dance. Ary was enrapt by the way her Sue held, tossed and gestured with the daggers and this kindled a life-long fascination with the weapons.

When Ary turned 10, she began using magic. This went unremarked until into her 12th year, when her mother walked in on a tea party in which Ary's dolls were moving on their own. Sue managed to trade lessons in magic for Ary for lessons in specific types of dance for the Mage's 'nieces' for as long as Ary continued to study.

At 14, Ary had her first crush on one of the dancers Sue was teaching. The student was more than willing to carry on with Ary, thinking she would get a pass for sleeping with the teacher's daughter. However, when Sue found out, she explained to Ary that students were off limits and how to take precautions to protect the family image. Sue educated Ary on the rest of reproductive theory at the same time and what her expectations were from Ary in that department (no kids till you're married- keep your boyfriends and girlfriends discreet).

When Ary turned 19, Russ entered an Agreement with a Va-Kesh family on a nearby Isle. They train actors and the marriage between the families will see students from both schools transferring for cross-training so that a Troupe can be sponsored to tour the Mineral Isles providing entertainment. This is a money-making venture and the marriage is to prevent competition between the two sides of the Troupe. Both Dads are seeking another Va-Kesh partner to provide musical training; part of the partnership will be a future marriage between the first-born offspring of this marriage and the eldest opposite offspring of that Partner's heir.

A month after celebrating Ary's 20th birthday and her coming of age, Ary received news that Cat was captured at sea. Cat was working in Inventory and Payroll aboard the Iron Justice when it was taken.

Dad worked for the Merchant back in N. Pengrove, keeping inventory, checking books, running up budgets, etc. The Merchant depended on Dad's Keshian honor to keep the corners from being cut or the top being skimmed.

Mom was a follower of Quitari, although not a Divine Agent. She was still Called to dance and took her Calling very seriously. It was never about her having fun, but of perfecting her worship and inspiring others to do the same. Her enjoyment came from the good she did with her dancing.

After the Event; Dad was unable to secure the same position and pay scale in Diamond Port as he had in N. Pengrove, so another form of income had to be found. Being the practical, pragmatic Va-Kesh they are; they saw Mom's skill at dancing to be a marketable trait and opened the school. Dad now does the paperwork for the school and has a few other clients in the Docks; he brings in about half the pay he used to, but the School brings in enough income for ends to meet.

Now that Mom is making a profit off her dancing; she only Dances on very special occasions. It's a part of her faith that she misses- but it's a sacrifice she easily chooses for the good of the Family.