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Brak Gnole Picture Brak Halfling Picture

Brak was born as one of a litter of 12 pups, in the tribe of Gnolls known as the bloody Maw. His cub-hood was short and uneventful. For the most part Brak didn’t like the way most of the tribe acted, and he utterly the taste of humanoid flesh, so he went hungry a lot of the time. He enjoyed combat and taping into his hidden reserve to rage against his opponents.

There are 2 points in Braks life that set him apart from other Gnolls. The first was while he was out on solo patrol. He met a small group of halflings living out the winter months in a nearby cave. Nobody can say why but Brak felt for their struggle during the winter and slowly befriended them by leaving dead game for them to eat. During one of his trips to leave them food he was followed by other members of his tribe, who after he left, attacked the halflings. Brak heard the noise and returned to see his tribesmen killing the halflings. Brak flew into a rage and slew his tribesmen, but was only able to save one of the halflings, a small baby. He left his tribe and carried the baby to the nearest village and left the baby at the gates and did not try to enter the village. After a while he ended up with more gnolls who were being typical gnolls. But since no one else would take him he stayed. These gnolls tried a bad ambush on a group of adventurers. The gnolls were defeated and were offered a choice to help with information the party needed or die. Brak was the only one who chose to live. Brak joined a party with Shea and Zmine, and soon proved his worth and loyalty. Brak finally felt like he belonged. He now adventures with Shea a trusted Cleric of Correllon. He has learned that he is destined for greatness, so Zmine has told him, and he believes her. Brak as of late has developed a taste for elven wine.

After being wrongly accused of murder during the great fire and attack of March 49548, by the Greyhawk high council, Brak and his companions set out for a life on the road again . This time hunted by the people they had fought to protect. The 2 years Brak had spent in GreyHawk had been nice he had been able to relax enjoy the children in the neighbor hood where Zmine's house was and he knew all the best places in town to get elven wine, after all when just your presences heals wood most tavern keepers love when you stop by for a visit, so it was with a sad head that they left in the night to avoid the councils punishment.

Brak wasn't the smartest in the group but he knew that humans, elves, dwarfs and such could blend in anywhere, an 8ft tall gnoll on the other hand was real easy to spot in the crowd . That's why he knew to not endanger the other he had to change, yrs before GreyHawk he had purchased a scroll with sorta a similar intent so that first night out he said his prayers to Rontra to remain his patron no matter what the form and keep him as a forest guardian and protector of the wild ways . Then he read his scroll thinking of the halfling's as a form to be because they were what had brought him these great friends.

In the vastness that is the heavens Rontra heard the prayer and wove her own magic into the spell granting the power of the wild beast to her servant. Brak's new form is was almost like a Halfling but with the love of Rontra, was much more durable for the wild.

Brak Now as a halfling...