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My head was pounding and the last thing I remember was having drinks with my lovely other half Servina. My eyes felt like they were covered in syrup I was unable to open them I began to panic and thrash about feeling a crushing weight pressing down on my body. Soon with my frantic efforts I began to break free as things began to tumble off my body a carrion stench assailed my nose and I wretched while finally breaking free. My eyes slowly stickily pulled apart and the site that greeted me almost drove my fraying sanity over the edge. I was in a charnel pit, pieces of numerous cadavers and full bodies both human and non-filled a large 10x20 hole in the ground. I crawled as fast as I could out of the pit my body and mind felt disconnected from each other. As I made the edge of the pit and stood and noticed my naked body covered in large scars, blood covered me everywhere as far as I could tell. Looking around I noticed I was outside the city in what could only be one of the mass graves used for the poor. I began to walk back to the city miles in the distance.

It slowly started to come back to me on the long painful walk. I had come home from another outing with the Grey Ravens the mercenary troop I was second command. I had made my way home to Servina my love to let her know I had found the last piece to the puzzle that would unlock the book and lead us to true wealth and power. Servina had welcomed me warmly and we made love even though I was covered in road grime, after she asked me to get cleaned up and she would go to the market to get dinner for us. After a scrubbing, that left my body pink, I walked back in the house to find a poured glass of brandy and a bottle with a note saying "soon my love". I sat at the kitchen table enjoying the warm of the brandy as it rolled around in my mouth just as I noticed the slight after taste and began to spit it out my body seized up as I fell from the chair paralyzed.

Two pairs of feet walked in to where I could see on the kitchen floor, one I immediately recognized as Servina the other was a pair of boots polished with silver buckles. An angular face with a sneer upon it leaned into my line of sight, “This is what you've had to spend your time with my dear, so sorry you've had this pig mauling you". I heard other footsteps approaching as I was lifted to my feet standing in front of me was Servina the man with her I didn't recognize, two men also well dressed and groomed held me up by both arms . Servina stepped forward and caressing my cheek with her long nails she drove her other hand into my face and upper body repeatedly while holding the puzzle piece, it left jagged cuts were ever it landed. Screaming aloud that she was finally done with this charade as she stepped back laughing the man said '"Thank you, but for touching your betters we will enjoy this”. I was thrown backwards across the kitchen table, as the man moved towards me with a wickedly carved knife, Servina laughing grabbed it 'let’s start at his feet '. That's all I truly remember as the knife dug in and my world erupted in a hell of white hot agony.

"Halt" I looked up at a young watchman as he swung the lantern around in the darkness, his eyes becoming spheres of black as he saw me naked and dripping gore. I quickly pounced and drove my hands into his throat silencing him. Stripping him of his cloak and sword I made my way through the side gate to the city toward my home with black thoughts in my head. Approaching where my house used to be I was greeted by the smell of smoke as I rounded the corner I could see what was left of the home I had shared with Servina for well over a year, it was a burned down husk, ashes smoldering in the darkness. "Terrible" I gave a start as an old small woman I hadn't seen spoke, "they were such a nice couple, so sad they didn't make it out of the fire". I moved on and hid myself in an alley way and watched the wreckage for a few hours, as a light rain began to fall I moved forward and began to dig up the floor. It only took me a few minutes before I found the silver I had been setting aside in a hidden compartment for Servina's present. I began to walk out of the ash and soot when once again the old woman surprised me "Revenge! you can have it if you do something for me“, "Move", I growled as I made to push passed her, she laid a small hand on me and every muscle froze. "I have need of you, help me break the seal and I promise you revenge and power beyond your wildest dreams “I should have said no, but I wanted to taste Servina and her lovers blood. Her hand pulled away and I could move again, feeling the overwhelming power coming from the woman I knelt "yes my queen".

Revenge hasn't been granted yet but I will turn over every rock and look in every shadow until I find them. I will wear their entrails as a necklace for what was done to me. Now I serve her and she will grant me these things.