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Born to the name of "Andov Synn" on May 18th, the only child of now deceased parents "Andry Synn" and "Sioned Synn", on the continent of Renemion, country of Elenium, Sorcerer's city.

Father was a Gambler and a guard, and Mother owned a local Smithery, renowned for the artistic flair of her works. Her pieces were, and still are, worn by nobility countrywide, and to a lesser extent, worldwide.

Most warriors of his order embody the Wolf, the Eagle, or the Bear. Since he was a child, Andov's dreams were visited by the spirit of the Badger, and he believed he was chosen to be the embodiment of the Spirit of the Badger rather than the more common choices. Being of the Badger made him an outcast amongst the others, and his terrible temper and vindictive bloodlust in battle made him even more of a Pariah, but earned him the respect and envy of a few. To this day, a Cult of those whome followed him and embraced the spirit of the Badger still exists. The Cult of Dachs, in his home language.

When he was 16, well into his training as a warrior and while ranging as part of his initiation into manhood, he discovered a large force of orcs moving against an Outpost south of Sorcerer's city. Knowing that the guard must be alerted, he chose to circumvent the entire force, running parallel with and eventually overtaking them, running 25 miles non-stop to reach the fort before the Orcs. Unbeknownst to him at the time, his father was on duty at that very fort, and would have perished with the rest if it had been overrun. He gave them several minutes advance warning, and though the orcs still managed to breach the gates, they found themselves face to face with a bear of a man, an unarmored human of stature comparable to their own, that stood toe to toe with their best and held that breach with nothing more than a stolen pike for several minutes until the archers on the wall and the swordsmen of the guard whittled them into a route. Thus, the Legend of the Badger, or "Dachs", was born.

Just over a year later, when Andov was 17 and he and his parents were travelling to a nearby city to visit family, they were beset upon by a large force. His mother was slain and her wares stolen and he and his father were beaten and sold into Slavery. His father was sold to a cruel man, and beaten regularly. Andov was, due to his ferocity and stature, forced to fight in arenas and eventually stadiums for the amusement of others. During his off hours, when not training, he was put to work doing other manual labor tasks as well, and during these times he picked up skills in Carpentry and a bit in smithing, and during the rare times he was alone with the other slaves he learned to hone and perfect some of the gambling tricks taught him by his father.

He was not idle, however, he garnered allies, made plans, and eventually orchastrated an escape. During the escape, he saw his father cut down by the Greatsword of the personal Bodyguard to one of the slavers, and enraged by the act, proceeded to slay the man with his bare hands. He kept the blade, and rather than escaping he turned back into the compound and proceeded to kill -everyone- he came across that was involved in any way with his enslavement, or the enslavement of others. His rage was terrible, and blood flowed freely that night. The Cult of Dachs has gained some infamy from the incident, and it's numbers have swelled as well.

The greatsword he kept as a reminder, both of the events of that night and of his Mother, for it was the very blade was taken from her corpse the night she was killed. It is a profoundly amazing blade indeed, dark of sheen and elegantly rounded where other blades are straight and angular. A master could tell you that though he cannot identify the metal, it has been folded hundreds of times and has a single bevel rather than two, indicating that it had been sharpened slowly over the course of months, rather than having an edge ground on it immediately after crafting. It bears no forger's mark, though the scrollwork -might- be script rather than aesthetic design, and though it is reminiscent of similar weapons made by his mother, it was likely a muse for her work rather than a product of it. Where it comes from would be a more difficult explaination, more the musing of a sage than a smith. It has yet to show the glimmer of power beyond anything mundane, but also never has it failed him since the day he first laid hands on it.

He does not use his birth name any longer, simply going by Dachs or Honnigdachs, a nod to his mother whome would stroke his hair and call him "Honey Badger" in their native tongue while she put him to bed at night. He has, since the incident, left his home country and travelled across the narrow sea to this new continent. He has joined the adventurer's guild and gotten his wrist-band, and seeks to begin adventuring in for a variety of reasons. Foremost is that he is not yet ready to settle down, he bristles with vibrant energy and -must- expend it in battle lest he go mad. He intends to find and fight along side warriors from this new land, and learn their more disciplined style of fighting, as he thinks it may do him good and that the blending of his own style and theres may be nigh on unstoppable.

He intends to use his travels also as an opportunity to find Smiths and learn what he can from them, as he intends to eventually set himself up as a Blacksmith with the skill to rival that of his mother. Further, he will be watching for unique metalwork that might be akin to the blade he carries strapped across his back, that he might persue their origins...