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Diesa Firebeard

Diesa Firebeard Picture

My story starts at the North end of the Dragon Spine Mountains, with the Firebeard clan, one of the noblest clans this side of the mountains. It also holds some of the most popular and talked about warriors, only a few of them women. They were some of the greats.

My family comes from old money, a very long line of mine owners. My father inherited all them as well as purchasing a few gold mines of his own, which I was decided to inherit when my parents passed (me being the first and only child). My mother was a seamstress but was partial towards glassblowing, which is how I got my skill and tools.

When I was growing up, I was taught I had to be proper, but I never fit in. I always wanted to be a warrior, like one of my famous ancestors. Once I was old enough to tell my parents about what I wanted, they were less than pleased. My father scolded and told me he didn’t think it was proper for a girl to fight with men. My mother, secretly, disagreed with him. She thought it was essential for a girl to know how to fight, but she also knew it would make me happy. So up until the age of 12, I went along my normal daily schedule (eat, lessons, studying, etc), except at night, when everyone went to bed, I left our home and went to meet the trainer my mother secretly paid for. He trained me in martial weaponry, made me a weapon and even brought me to battle a few blue crested kobolds. Just before my 13th birthday, our village was attacked by a blue sapphire dragon, one that looked the same as the dragon who attacked Tiara. I immediately went into battle with the other men, my family ran for safety and we were separated. We fought for as long as we could, but at the end of the day there just wasn’t enough men to keep it at bay. The dragon engulfed the village in flames and I was only there long enough to see it take over my home. The battle was lost and so was my family.

From that day on, I wandered. For 2 years I roamed through different towns and villages, getting farther and farther from my home, and anyone who knew my name. On my journey, I was robbed 3 times. Once for my gold; he got most of what I had, but didn’t fine the jewels and gold hidden away in my socks and hat. The second time was for my clothes; unfortunately they got my cloak and 1 boot. The third time was to take advantage of me; he left without hands.

I traveled on and finally found a town far enough away where no one knew me. I began setting up my new life, I built a home and set up a 1 year apprenticeship with a local glassblower. My apprenticeship ended after 1 peaceful year and I yearned to fight. When I was 16 I started searching for a fighting group or an army to join. What I came upon was a group of men who were only decent fighters. I asked to join their rag-tag group of men and they were taken aback. I explained my history and all the training I’ve received. They asked where I was from and who I was, and were surprised and disbelieving when I told them I was of the Firebeard clan from the Dragon Spine Mountains. They said they’d never heard of us, and that’s when I was taken aback. I showed them my expensive great axe that my trainer crafted for me, and they claimed I could have stolen it from anyone! So they proposed a deal. I had to go slay the dragon, bring back a talon and some evidence that I was part of the Firebeards. I hastily agreed, figuring I would find someone to help me defeat the dragon and I could finally be part of a fighting group. I packed up what little I had, and set out.

For months I travelled alone, leaving me to reminisce over all my hardships. They made me bitter and much less compassionate. After months of being on the road, I found Imtari, and I agreed to help him help the elves.