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Dizzina Battlehammer

Level 1 Pix

Dizzina Battlehammer is the 5th out of 6th children. Being the only girl, she spent her whole life trying to prove herself as an equal to her brothers and the rest her clan.  

When she was younger, her brother Thorgrim ran away from home, and she chased after him to try and bring him back. While searching for her brother, she fell into a grotto. As she was searching for a way out of her she saw a rough looking stone creature trapped between iron ore deposits, the creature introduced himself as Geod. Geod Is an earth elemental that had been stranded on this plane ever since the war of the elements. Dizzina freed geod, and that was the start of a lifelong friendship. Once free geod dug deep inside the heart of the mountain, and as a show of great gratitude gave her a hunk of Adamantine and helped her out of the grotto, she had fell into.

As years passes geod began to teach dizzina the langue of elementals, Cirth, he also taught her about traditions and customs of his people. Dizzina forged a mighty Dwarven mallet with the help of geod that would marvel even the greatest dwarven blacksmiths.

As dizzina grew older, her natural leadership abilities came to the forefront as the title of baroness was bestowed upon her. I am engaged with Avantos Barazan,