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Lord Edorek Storm of Storm-Mark

Picture of Lord Edorek Storm

Farvim is a long-time friend and ally of Baron Hessar Storm and has been in the employ of the family for an extremely long time. To the boys Thodir and Edorek, he was an uncle. He uses his magic to protect and aid the family and in return is provided with a comfortable living and a place to live and study. Farvim is old and keeps to his books mostly, but was an adventurer in his heyday. It was during one of Farvim’s magical experiments that young Edorek became touched by the elemental powers of air.

As a boy of 5, Edorek wandered into the study of his uncle Farvim during the summoning of a powerful Air Elemental. The careless intrusion by the child caused Farvim to lose his concentration and the spell dissipated – but not before little Edorek was right in the thick of it. The boy gasped in surprise and inhaled what must have been a part of the Elemental, or elemental energy. At first there was no evidence of any effect, but later in life Edorek began to show magical power. He manifested the Elemental Air bloodline and immediately took to enjoying himself with his new magical powers.

Edorek started out Mage Hand-ing at the dinner table instead of asking someone to pass the salt. He used Dancing Lights to entertain friends and labeled all of his favorite property with an Arcane Mark. Farvim tried to teach him (hoping Edorek might follow in his footsteps and become a wizard) but Edorek abhorred book-learning. He spent most of his time horseback riding and getting into trouble with other spoiled rich youths. As a teenager, Edorek took up drinking, gambling, smoking, and fornicating. He spent his father’s money frivolously and was a constant source of gossip among their social peers.

One day, his father sat him down and told him he’d had just about enough of this nonsense. He was a gentleman and should start acting like one. Furthermore, as the second son in the family line, Edorek stood to inherit none of his father’s money. Unless Thodir was willing to grant him an allowance for the rest of his life, Edorek would have to find a way to make a living.

Edorek knew that Thodir would never share his inherited wealth. The boys had been at odds since infancy and were polar opposites in personality, values, and even appearance. Edorek had always been handsome, jovial, social, and fun. Thodir was short and unattractive. He was bookish and solitary, did not easily make friends and was not skilled with women. Edorek cared very little for academics, economics, or history. Thodir took his future position as a ruler very seriously and envied his brother his lack of responsibility. Edorek had taunted and vexed his brother for many years and Thodir knew that in adulthood he could leave his brother destitute and have his revenge.

Most young men in this situation would get a job, join the army, or become a priest, but Edorek had other plans. With his magical endowment and his winning smile, he resolved to achieve wealth and fame independently and show everyone who doubted him that he wasn’t a good-for-nothing. With a bit of worldy advice from Farvim, Edorek packed up his belongings and rode out of Watcher’s Hollow and into the world. His family were all against the idea, but assumed he would simply get bored of life on the road after a week and just come home.

It had been Edorek’s intention to be known as a “self-made man”, but the truth is that with a horse, plenty of weapons and gear, three suits of fine clothes, and a magical ring*, Edorek was starting out the adventuring life fairly privileged – just as he had started out regular life. His first step was to register at the local Adventurer’s Guild. His second step was to visit all of his girlfriends to show off the wristband and impress them. He was invited to a quickly thrown-together “Going Away” party by a friend, and that ate up another day or two. After having been away from home for several weeks, Edorek was no further than the town of Tiara and his most noteworthy adventure to date had been scaring off a bear that wandered into his campsite.

It was in this town, in a local tavern, where Edorek became acquainted with a group of what looked like real adventurers. During some kerfuffle over a cook’s finger, he noticed an unexplainable swirling of air that surrounded them. What was it? Did they see it? No? Then why not? Edorek took it as a sign from the elements of air that he was destined to achieve greatness among these people. He bought them a round, invited himself along, and the next thing he knew he was being punched in the face by a stone column. Things just got real, and Edorek is thrilled.