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Edric Dranith

Level 1 Pix

The youngest of four, Edric's mother had never been present, save a vague memory from around the time of his birth [scion of time elemental parent] of her embrace, though it was strange in feeling, as if that moment would never end. He has been engaged to Rifka Balâd, but despite their feelings and their families good standing, they are unsure if things will work out. His family works primarily topside, bringing in supplies of essential lumber, using their developing magical talent to assist them. It was during this time that Edric would be hunted by an [unknown beast] during one of his solo expeditions to explore the outside world, but he would manage to evade it. Soon after this his father Vomblin Dranith was found out for [criminal activities], causing dishonor on the clan, and Edric would live with dwarven entertainers as his father was punished. He gained a love of humor and stories because of them, as well as a growing collection of various porcelain crafts. This would lower their standing among the other members of their clan. Edric would eventually tame a raven, naming her Syl, as his love for nature and hunting grew. A [monster] would attack workers under his clan, to which he would slay it, drawing the attention of Sim Battlebeard, who offered him the chance to redeem his family honor by aiding in the heading of the new dwarven community.