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Erky GhostFlower History

Erky GhostFlower

Worshipper Rhiannon

Erky GhostFlower was one of few gnomes born in the year of . He didn’t know his parents as they were slain by the Elven Queens hunters shortly after his birth. He grew up in an orphanage run by a cruel and vindictive man Brogan Dern. Most of the years in the orphanage weren’t pleasant as Brogan used the children as slave labor and thieves to make himself rich.

Erky learned his trade under Brogan quickly so as to not suffer beatings or worse. He also found his small size meant most people thought he was harmless. He only pushed back against Brogan when he tried to make him kill. His only retreat from this life was when he would sneak into the cities library and read stories of heroes and adventures. It was in the library he found a small well-worn copy of the Mist Rhiannon’s book of prayers. He always enjoyed reading her words and at times felt a calling towards her that he couldn’t explain.

Erky grew older and better at his craft Brogan began to push him more and more to be a killer. Finally Erky reached a point where he knew he couldn’t do it anymore . So on one of Brogan’s thieving jobs Erky tipped of the local watch and planted the goods on Brogan, who was dragged away to face justice. Erky knew he couldn’t stay in the city anymore, and he decided to head out. He stole a note from the local Adventurer’s guild about a wizard who wanted help. From all Erky read most grand adventures started with a wizard giving a quest. So he booked passage on the next available ship to Fizzban island to see the wizard.

Erky GhostFlower stands 3’2 and weighs about 40 pounds. He has pale skin and green eyes, to this day nobody is really sure what his hair color is because he constantly is shaving his head with a straight razor. He is quick to smile, has a strong sense of bravado and ultimately a weakness for gold that may get him into trouble.