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First Level Farragut's Picture

When I was very young, I ran away to join the circus. While I was away, my un-loving parents were murdered by my sister. Shortly thereafter, my adopted circus family was also murdered by an unknown agent. Family-less, I then had a chance encounter with the leader of a famous crime organization who took me under his wing.

By the accomplished age of 14, after narrowly surviving a deadly disease, I began my own career of adventure and minor crime. I applied the knowledge of trading and bartering to become an elicit fixer, and gained a reputation as an influential negotiator.

I then took to traveling, for in these years I developed a great interest in it. In my travels, I had an encounter with a long time friend and blood brother (Thuro the Dwarf) from the circus, whom I had saved from the jaws of death - earning me a life debt for my actions.

And now I walk the earth, adventuring where I will, and collecting rare swords whenever I come across them.