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Farren Ficklefur History

Farren Ficklefur a forest gnome

Farren Ficklefur is a Gnome Warlock

Orange hair, pale skin. 3'3" tall, 35lbs.Wears an alabaster mask that covers the eyes, cheeks, and forehead but not the nose or mouth. Draped behind it is a white fox cowl, made from the pelt of an arctic fox in winter. Finn wears leather armor and sturdy, dirty, traveler's clothes. He keeps a light crossbow on top of his backpack with bolts, daggers, and a sickle on his hip. He walks with a quarterstaff.

The Ficklefur family are forest gnomes from the northern reaches of the Elf Lands. They get their name from the hares, faxes, ermines, and other local animals that change the color of their fur with the seasons. Hence, fickle-fur.

The Ficklefur Clan live in a cold northern region of the world where foxes, hares, ermines, and birds switch the color of their fur/feathers depending upon the season. The Ficklefurs take their name from the ever-changing coats of the animals around them.Gnomes are nearly extinct in Aviron and have lived in isolation out of necessity. Farren Ficklefur grew up in the northern reaches of the Elf Lands, where his family found seclusion and solace. He is a wild young man who loves the outdoors and is more at home in the company of animals than people.While hiking alone in the woods, Farren found a bush that bore berries in the middle of winter. After curiosity led him to eat some of these berries, he was contacted in a vision by an entity he knows only as “The Turner of the Wheel”. This entity identified itself as one of Rhiannon’s children and was the keeper of seasons, turner of the wheel of time, bringer and ender of solstices and equinoxes. He/she/they/it appeared to Farren as a great shining wheel in the heavens, so Farren has no idea if his patron is male or female, good or evil, one or many, or whether it’s even telling the truth about its origins and powers. What he does know is that the Patron granted him magical powers and insight into the universe he had never had before. Farren pledged himself to its cause and has been on a never-ending quest ever since.

Farren considers himself a friend of all gnomes, as they must surely band together for their continued survival. He also has great respect and gratitude to the Elves, who sheltered him and his people in their forests.