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Foret's Picture

The Human fired his crossbow at the bear and she fell with a pathetic roar in defiance. Her cubs scrambling behind her fearfully. The Human looked to his friend and said "Now that we've killed the big 'un, you can go get the little 'uns. Then we can sell the wee ones in town and get some drinkin' money!" with a laugh the two advanced on the fallen bear, wheezing painfully as her life seeped out her wounds.

Foret looked on from the branches above, shaking his head. "When will these barbarians learn the forest is not theirs for looting and pillaging?!?" He held his bow and aimed it not at the humans, but at the dying bear. With a swift chant he drew back an empty string and let loose, a ghostly arrow shot out of the bow and plunged into the bear. She took a deep breath as her wounds closed and healed magically. She began to stand just as the humans were within her reach. The Humans screamed as the full rage of a mother bear protecting her young unleashed her full nine hundred pound fury on them. Foret chuckled as the slovenly humans fled for their lives. He lept down from the tree and smiled to the bear. He laid a hand on her great head and stroked her soft fur. He bowed "M'lady, you are safe now, be with your children." He spoke as she tended to her young and headed back into the forest. Foret smiled and rememberd what brought him to become a Woodwarden of the Thellynites.

When he was young, he was exploring the forest as all young elves do. Before he knew it, he was completely lost and incapable of finding his way home. After many hours of wandering aimlessly, he came upon a small wild boar. Young Foret looked at the boar, and the boar seemed to look back at him quizically. Then it spoke. "You wish to go that way." The tiny boar said. "Excuse me tiny one? Did you speak to me?"

"Yes, I did. I am the guardian of this forest. I am the Druid Faelilla. If you wish, I can teach you the forest and it's ways."

"I'd just like to not be lost right now. But I will keep you in mind." replied young Foret.

"As you wish, I can lead you to your village for starters" Said Faelilla, still in the form of a young boar.

Foret followed the boar untill his feet were sore from walking so much. Faelilla told him of the great goddess Thellyne, and Foret was quickly becoming a follower with each step closer he got back to his village. This would spark a lasting friendship between the two.

For many years after that day, Foret visited Faelilla every day and learned the ways of Thellyne, and eventually he himself became good at healing the animals and plants of the forest. He developed skills that Faelilla did not have. Before too long, he found himself falling in love with the beautiful elven druid. As he trained with her, he learned about her, he learned that she was first assigned to the forest shortly before they met that fateful day by the great council of druids. Now many years later they worked hand in hand. He healed nature's wounded and she communicated with nature. He protected her and she watched over him in turn. Together they watched over the forest, protecting it's inhabitants as they could.

Foret looked around at the forest. He knew every tree and plant, every animal and every square inch of this land. He would protect it, and his love Faelilla with his life if need be.