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This being the last thing I might write, it might as well be my history. My memory of early life is a bit fuzzy, but as early as memory serves, my father was always a stern taskmaster. Mother and Father were so in love, to watch them was enough to make you sick. Always kissing and hugging and saying, "I love you," but NEVER, and I do mean NEVER, did anyone ever see them argue or fight. They were....inseparable, no that was wrong, They were like their own little fortress, and nothing could pierce those walls.

Mother was the most beautiful woman in the kingdom and to hear her tell it, was never without suitors wanting to woo her. However, she was taken by a huge orc chieftain with an even bigger temper and the temperament of a wraith. He was of the mind that a person who has witnessed a wrongdoing should say something, but talking wasn't quite his nature. Better to ask for forgiveness than permission, he'd always say. My father always taught me: never lie, unless it saves your life. Never steal and work for what you get...but don't let anybody take it from you. And the last thing I ever remember him saying to me was....never feel guilty for killing somebody who's desperately earned it!

Mother and father were always together when father wasn't out doing chieftan stuff, and mother ruled the house....with an iron fist, and a large wooden spoon or stick! And I never got away with making trouble. Mother was born to royalty to hear her say it and was so in tune with the underhanded dealings with the royal court...Nobody was going to pull the wool over her eyes... ever again !! Well, as it just so happens, one of my mother's chambermaids came to a bit of trouble and used her insights into mothers' dealings and was able to "sell" the maid's safety for information about mother. I dare say that it was about how mother and father came to being together.

Father disappeared late in the winter of my 8th year, and I truly haven't been the same since. He was supposed to teach me how to be an Orc that people will follow, kill, and or die for and be the fiercest Orc in the tribe. All I can say about it now is, now that he is gone, I'll try to be the Orc he always assumed I'd be. So when father disappeared, it didn't take the tribe to long to pick a new chieftain. A massive, animal of an orc but a kingdom loving weasel. His grand scheme was to integrate the tribe into the kingdom, and by integrate, he meant that everybody but him would be indentured servants. The tribe shunned us because it was easier to pretend that mother and I were garbage than to remember that mother was inline for the throne and that father was the grandest chieftain they had had in a couple of hundred years. I guess that was the safest thing to do if you want to live in peace...with a tribe of orcs living in the land you just took. Our village had been there for hundreds of years according to the wise men's stories, and the kingdom just showed up and said it was their land. There were skirmishes for a few years, but they were able to sue for peace with us for our trade goods.

Mother and I left the kingdom and all the sycophants by the cover of night and traveled for months to a different kingdom where a cousin or uncle or something was there and was to give a job and a much simpler life than we were used to. Mother educated me about the world and the finer points about living with humans, and in deference to her, I tried my best to fit in.

My size and temperament was the reason I had to leave home, that and I love mother, but I won't kowtow to humans or anybody for that matter.

I speak common and orc.