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G’gi Mogdrel

G’gi Mogdrel's Picture

[Pronounced with a hard G (like “good”) in the native Runik, but G’gi prefers hearing it with a soft G (like “giant”) because it is more feminine.]

G’gi’s family lives among a community of Jotnar by the coast of Diamond Port. This small ghetto neighborhood is colloquially known as “Big Fish”.

G’gi’s parents are crab/lobster catchers. They have a boat and go out to set crab pots, then sell what they catch. As children, G’gi and her siblings would dive deep to look for abalone and fancy seashells that could be sold to supplement the family’s income. G’gi became an accomplished swimmer and very physically fit. She recently took two Water Rituals (Gills and Swimmer’s Vision) at the urging of her mother, who thought they would make her better-equipped for the family business.

When she got older, G’gi learned to box and wrestle like any good Jotnar woman. She also took part in seasonal whale/dolphin hunting parties. This is where she learned to use a spear and javelins.

A few times a year, the Jotnar come together as a tribe to hunt whales, dolphins, seals, and other aquatic mammals. They go out in large War Canoes and work as a community to bring in the great beasts. The meat and other parts are distributed equally among the families and they can choose to use/eat them or sell them in town as they please. Grilled dolphin is G’gi’s favorite food.

G’gi Mogdrel’s Family

Naming Conventions: I have decided that the Jotnar have first and last names like most people, but that children take the last name of their mother, not their father. The Jotnar also have several superstitions pertaining to the naming of children. They are not requirements, but K’ki has followed them all. She is very superstitious.

  1. The name of the first-born daughter should rhyme with the name of the mother. (K’ki and G’gi)
  2. Children’s names should all start with the same first letter as the name of their father. (G’gi and Guerlain are the children of Gerab; Duijeta is the child of Doyle) This is done as a small token of appreciation for the father’s role in procreation. The mother gives them their last name (the important one) but this gesture allows a man to identify and be proud of his progeny.
  3. Because of the previous two rules, Jotnar have some of the most varied first names of any race. In order to start with the right letter, or make something rhyme, they think nothing of inventing a whole new name. [For example, in our world “Brian” is a common name, but “Drian” would be weird. Not to Jotnar. They would have guys walking around named Brian, Grian, Drian, Frian, Krian, etc and nobody would think it strange.]

Guerlain, the older brother, was G’gi’s best friend growing up. She was ugly and awkward and had a hard time making friends, but he took her under his wing. After their father disappeared, Guerlain became G’gi’s father-figure. He taught her how to fish, how to fight, how to swim, and even the basics of magic. They were very close.

Their father, Gerab, was known for his wanderlust and adventure-seeking. When he died fighting the Colubrine, some called it heroic but others (including G’gi’s mother) figured it was the inevitable end to his foolhardy life. She re-married a more “sensible” (obedient) man and had another daughter.

Duijeta is the beautiful blonde younger sister of G’gi and is favored among their parents. K’ki used to love G’gi best, but now considers her too foolish, weak-willed, and scatterbrained. Duijeta is the best sailor and most well-behaved of the children and has the hips to be a great bearer of children. She has many boyfriends and may marry any day now.

The Mogdrels are mildly famous due to the priestess Kelys Mogdrel, sister of K’ki and aunt of G’gi. Kelys Mogdrel became a Preost of Tylora and went off to study magic. Like any intellectual from a poor blue-collar community, her accomplishments were considered ridiculous and arrogant. (“So, you think you’re better than us, with your college degree and your fancy wizard robes?”)

Kelys didn’t visit the family much, but when young Guerlain showed a flair for magic he started visiting her to learn things. Kelys died two years ago and left a collection of magical tomes to Guerlain. He took them with him when he sailed off on Iron Justice. The profit to be gained from recovering these expensive items is one argument G’gi will make when trying to convince her parents to fund her rescue expedition.

G’gi used to look over Guerlain’s shoulder when he was studying. She couldn’t read (still can’t) but the symbols and pictures were fascinating and she was awed when he practiced magic and managed to get a real spell off.

He coached her and they soon discovered that G’gi also had “the gift” though not nearly as strong. Without proper education, she could never truly advance. Guerlain tried to teach her to read, but she was far more interested in swimming and fighting.

Still, Guerlain was able to teach her the basics, starting with the Protection school “For when I’m not around to look out for you anymore” he said. It was also a pragmatic decision, as it seemed likely G’gi would pursue a military career at the time.

There is a school for dancers (concubines/whores) in Diamond Port that is always in need of responsible guards. Horny male soldiers cannot be trusted with the protection of such precious students, so the school employs only females or eunuchs as guards. G’gi became a guard at 16, working only part-time in the off-seasons between crabbing and whaling, to supplement the family’s income. She has recently taken a full-time position, much to the disappointment of her mother.

When her mother asked why she didn’t want to work in the family business, she told them it was because a) her younger sister was more qualified to take over, and b) she could make more money as a guard. Both of these things are true, but a third reason she didn’t mention was that she wanted to be surrounded by sexy young women all day. G’gi spends all day at her post ogling the girls and occasionally sneaking off to masturbate.

G'gi is a big ugly brute from a culture of strong dominant women, but she has grown up in mixed racial company where the gender roles are normally reversed. As a result, I've decided she is fascinated by (and attracted to) the idea of delicate femininity. She sees it in the rest of the world and especially at her workplace.

G’gi is bisexual and likes her women small, precious, and covered in lacy silk. She likes her men the same way - effeminate, sensitive, submissive. G'gi fantasizes about a typical fairy-tale romance, but with herself playing the part of the big strong knight in shining armor and her partner (male or female) as the pretty pretty princess.

G’gi has always been burly, even by Jotnar standards. She stands 8’8” and weighs 460lbs. Her body is lumpy and uneven with broad female hips but broad masculine shoulders. She has small breasts and an angular, manly face. She is homely by Jotnar standards and downright freakish to most other races. This caused her to develop a lifelong identity crisis related to womanhood and femininity. G’gi throws her strength around and barks orders like any “alpha male” would, but is secretly self-conscious about the way this looks. She pretends to be a hardass, but really just wants to be liked.

G’gi is also keenly conscious of Class. Her entire tribe is marginalized and most of them, including her family, are Working Class or similar. Many ambitious young Jotnar women aspire to become the Chief Mother of their tribe, but G’gi dreams even bigger than that. In her wildest fantasies, G’gi is a great Lady or even a Queen, ruling over a prosperous land full of subjects that adore her. G’gi believes in the institutions of nobility. After all, having a strong central leader is the norm for her tribal culture. G’gi believes that if good and wise people are put in positions of authority, the whole world can be made better.