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Goldar Lightstone History

First Level Picture

Goldar Lightstone a Paladin of Tylora

I wear a Tylora holy symbol

Has bank deposit slip to a bank in Tiara.

Goldar was never a bad egg, but always felt like a bit of an outcast with his family. The middle child of a middle-class drwarven family, he was destined to take his place just like his parents, his two brothers, and his two sisters: to carry on the Lightstone tradition to become a cleric of the Church of Light. But Goldar had different aspirations. Through his seminary years studying under the Church of Light, Goldar became obsessed with the mysteries of Tylora. Just weeks before his ordination as a cleric fo the Church, Goldar swore in secret to Tylora - much to the chagrin of his shocked family. With that, the young dwarf forged his own path - to explore and unravel mysteries as an adventurer.

Venturing away from the ranks of the Church, the thirst for knowledge grew. That quest for knowledge continued as Goldar explored the world of arcane magic. Exploring and adventuring, Goldar seeks to broaden his knowledge, expand his wisdom, and unravel the deep mysteries of Tylora. Still, Goldar thinks about his family back at home. Although he is in many ways a disappointment to the family tradition, he remains resolute on his journey into the unknown for the god of mysteries.