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Gregor Glazier

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Gregor Glazier was born into a simple family in The Tower of the Pearl, in the city of Raven's Cross. As the oldest of four brothers (two fraternal twins, and two several years younger), Gregor has always been more stern and reserved than his younger twin Roger, and Gregor was also a part-time parent to the youngest two brothers William and Toby. Childhood was fairly normal growing up; while the parents ran and managed the family glass making shop, the brothers would run the streets, occasionally getting into trouble, but never causing too much of a stir.

It was in the fall, right after his fourteenth birthday that the local magistrate visited the Glazier family, seeking their quota for "volunteers" for the city militia. Gregor was drafted into a small patrol unit in the wilderness, leaving his parents and brothers behind. And so, the next two months were spent roughing the wilds, dodging the harshness of nature, and hardening into a man of stout resolve and character.

It was in the Early Winter, after the first day of frost that the attack came - an ambush in the dead of night. Without warning or even a chance to fight, the militia squad was savagely attacked by an enemy so silent and efficient that not one man could react before being rent to shreds. But somehow, Gregor was the only survivor. Alone and isolated, Gregor made his way through the wild, learning to adapt, to blend, to hunt, and ultimately to survive. Eventually he made his way back to civilization after two months of wandering through endless forest, perilous winter, and unspeakable dangers from the untamed barrens. He was a child no more, but a man when he returned to Raven's Cross. Some might call him a deserter, others might call him a survivor - but when the magistrate thinks you're dead, it becomes a lot easier to avoid the king’s taxes.

But fate would have one more hateful twist awaiting his arrival to his home and family. The evening of his return, as Gregor rounded the corner to the mercantile district, just as the Glazier shop was coming into view, he saw it: the district was in chaos, people running frantically, trying to extinguish the gouts of flame erupting from every opening in the small glass-blower’s shop. Over the roar of flames and the aghast murmur of the onlookers, Gregor could swear he heard the screams of his mother and father trapped inside the shop.

Fearing the very worst, some of the terror was assuaged as the two youngest brothers William and Toby turned up that evening – unharmed but terrified. His twin Roger was still un-accounted for and Gregor began to suspect his brother had shared the fate of his parents, before young Toby shared the terrible story.

In attempting to create a name for himself, Roger had struck up deals and debts with several of the less-than-savory market cartels of the inner city. Always the wheeler and dealer, but never cautious, Roger found himself in the wrong people’s pockets. When the brother couldn’t pay, the self-appointed chairman of a disreputable house - one Mr. Ramsmeat - sent Roger home with a broken arm and an ultimatum. Father responded as any outraged father would, and roughed up a few of Ramsmeat’s guards. That was when things turned ugly. Ramsmeat sent goons to torch the family business – with the family trapped inside. It was only sheer luck that the brothers happened to be away that evening.

And so Gregor gathered up his siblings to flee town, their safety his first priority, and revenge a close second. He swore he would return to settle the score with the entire organization Ramsmeat represented, and he swore to ensure his brothers remained safe from harm.