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OK, my character's name is Harold. He is a divine agent of Ahk, and aspiring Constable. He believes fiercely in justice and law. His specialty is find people and taking them alive, although I didn't want to call him a "bounty hunter" because he is more interested in serving justice than in collecting a reward. He is a skilled tracker and fighter and works for the authorities of Diamond Port using his skills to hunt down evil doers and make them pay. He will know how to use the bolas, net, and other non-lethal weapons for taking men alive.

He will have a trained police dog who can track people and attack them. This might be a full-on animal companion or maybe just a trained animal, not sure yet. Probably start as the latter and become the former as they bond over time.

He is human and a Diamond Port native. He was brought up to be respectful of Ahk, the law, and how the forefathers of the city established peace and civilization. His parents owned a tavern where Harold saw all kinds of people both good and evil - drunks who beat their wives, happy families enjoying a good dinner, travelers, soldiers, and bullies of every age and social status. Harold worked at the tavern and had to tussle with the occasional drunk troublemaker once he was old enough.

One night there was a crooked policeman in the bar asking for protection money. Harold beat the crap out of the guy, then rallied other local shop owners to expose the man. When the man was found guilty, the police offered Harold a cadet position and he accepted.

Harold was an excellent cadet and was chosen for a special magic-using division, which is the career path to Constable. That is where he received his magic training.

Harold will drink, but abhors drunkenness. He will not partake in gambling, drugs, or prostitutes, even if they are legal. He is honest, courteous, and moral. He one day wants to marry a nice girl, settle down, and watch with pride as his children grow up in a world that was made better by his own good deeds.

His parents are still alive and running the tavern. He has an older brother, Brenin, who is married, works at the tavern, and will take over when their parents die. He also has a younger brother, Emmit, who is a gifted bard. He used to play at the tavern, but found it stifling. Emmit packed up his lute months ago and left to go adventuring. He snuck out in the night and left a farewell note to the family saying he wanted to see the world and become a famous musician.

Let me know if this fits. I may have gotten some things wrong about how Ahk and police forces work. If need be, Harold could be a solo bounty hunter who does it for money but also for justice and is not officially on any police force. The story about exposing the corrupt cop could also be changed.

  1. Track a person by scent
  2. Search for people lost or hiding, like a rescue dog going trough rubble.
  3. Attack and subdue, like modern police dogs.
  4. Attack to kill, when needed.

I figure Harold could be introduced to the party because he is being sent to find and capture/kill some lawbreaker that the party is also after. It could also be revealed that his little brother is in some kind I trouble that is tied to the plot of what the party is doing.

I am going to look at the paths Magistrates, Judges, Order of Contritioners, and Swords of Ahk and might want to pursue one. I still need to read them.