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Imtari's Picture

Imtari’s father was a guardsman for the elves of the Blessed Forest. Several years before the end of the Jidarian war, his father was part of an elvish group who was tasked with getting a group of refugees to the Velura Monastery. During the journey, Imtari’s father grew fond of a human woman. These feelings turned into an affair which lasted until arriving at the monastery. There Imtari’s father had to make a choice, stay and fade away or return to the forest. His father chose to return rather than stay, leaving Imtari and his mother alone.

Eventually Imtari and his mother moved out of the monastery into a nearby village, along with other survivors. While they escaped the horrors of the Jidarian war, they perished at the hands of a group of local bandits. When the attack started, Imtari’s mother told him to run. Imtari did as he was told and he ran towards the only safety he knew of: the nearby Velura Monastery. Collapsing at the gate, he managed to gasp out news of the attack.

When he awoke the monks told him the village was completely wiped out and Imtari’s mother was killed. They gave him a choice: he could stay or the monks would help to find him shelter. Imtari chose to stay.

For the next several years Imtari focused on his studies, learning the ways of the monks of Velura. He found himself drawn to the elemental ways and became of student of that discipline. After he became a full-fledged monk, he started to feel a desire to wander and see the lands outside of the monastery. Heeding this call, Imtari asked for permission to leave. Although it was granted he followed the advice of his elders and looked for a caravan to sign on with, instead of wandering the world by himself. Instead of finding a caravan, Imtari found the circus.

A traveling circus called the Malabaristas Traveling Entertainers set up and performed in the town outside of the monastery. After watching the shows, Imtari introduced himself to the leader, Hugo, who performed as the living statue. He signed on with a travelling circus as a hand, but his talents were quickly discovered. He was promoted to being in one of the sideshows, not for exploitation but to spread word of the mysteries of the monks of Velura.

During this time Imtari made friends with all of the members of the circus. One of the other members of the circus, Ardin, started pursuing Imtari. Although it was clear that she wanted more, nothing ever happened. It was during this time that Imtari became a devotee of Dara.

For a while, the small group of entertainers wandered across Aviron putting on shows to entertain the citizenry. But this wandering was shattered when the circus was attacked by a group of creatures. Some of the troupe was killed outright and some were taken captive. Imtari was one of the few who both survived and was not captured. As the creatures withdrew, the survivors huddled together, dreading another attack. By instead of being attacked, they were rescued by a group of wandering adventurers. They started talking about what attacked them. None of the stories agreed on what attacked them, but they all rang with a common element. It was creatures from a dungeon, bent on marauding, pillaging, and murdering. After helping the survivors, the adventurers swore to rescue the rest of the entertainers from the creatures who took them. Imtari volunteered to go with them to help out and be a familiar face

After rescuing the rest of the troupe from the creatures, It was clear that the Malabaristas Traveling Entertainers were done. Those who were not killed made the decision to split up. Imtari was faced with a choice – either return to the monastery or continue adventuring. He was impressed by how the adventuring party were willing to go help complete strangers because they needed the help. Imtari decided to follow their example. This allowed him to honor their example and continue seeing the world. One of the adventurers knew that the Elves of the Teliere were needing adventurers to push back an invasion of creatures. Imtari decided to head to help the Elves out.