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Jania Lancaster

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The Lancaster family is a multi generational family, who lives in the city of Saratoga. The Lancaster family is hereditary servants of Ahk, having made a family pledge to that deity long ago. They are a prominent family in the service of Ahk and well known in the temple at Saratoga. Jania’a father, William, is a teamster in service to the temple of Ahk. Her mother, Yvette, is a sage of Ahk in the temple in Saratoga Jania is an only child of her parents, who are still alive. Jania was raised to believe in law and duty as part of her devotion to Ahk and her faith.

Early in Jania’s childhood, she felt the first stirrings of her ability as a Contritioner. The first time her power manifested, she accidentally used it on a family member, an uncle in law (husband of her father’s sister). She found out about a heinous crime buried deep in his past, which no one in the family knew about. The guilt of reliving the crime drove the family member to commit suicide. Although Jania and her parents knew about this, they chose to hide it. Eventually though, this event came to light.

In her early teen years, Jania started studying to be a cleric. This made her parents very happy as Jania would be the first cleric in the Lancaster family. At the very beginning of her studies, Jania was visited by a demon of Hela, who taunted Jania. The cause of these visits was Jania’s guilt over causing her uncle in law to commit suicide. This would be the first of many visits, but each time would be the same – Jania would rebuff the demon with her faith in Ahk.

The last time the demon came to taunt Jania, it was witnessed by several other clerics of Ahk. The demon compelled Jania into admitting her part in the death of her uncle in law. After the demon was forced away, the clerics immediately debated Jania’s part in the suicide. It was decided that she bore no fault in his death. However, Jania’s fault still stains her to this day and casts a shadow over her family’s name.

Eventually it came time for Jania to decide on her studies. She initially decided to study to become a cleric of Ahk. This was partly because of her family expectations but also because she felt the call to study as a cleric. However, she started feeling dissatisfied with studying to be a priestess. She almost took vows, but on the eve of doing so, hesitated. Jania fled to the temple to reflect on what she should do next. She had a vision of Saint Justice, the first Contritioner of Ahk. Jania felt a bond and immediately took the path of a paladin of Ahk.

After taking vows as a paladin, first assignment was as a trainee with a bounty hunter. This bounty hunter, Triston Dayton, was based out of the Temple of Ahk in Saratoga. Triston tried to convince Jania to become part of the Swords of Ahk, the sect he belonged to. However, Jania felt drawn away from the Swords. Jania studied with Triston with a year before she decided that the path of the bounty hunter did not suit her. Instead, Jania took vows as a Constable. Nevertheless, instead of being based out of the Temple of Ahk, Jania decided to follow in the steps of other holy warriors of Ahk and became an adventurer.

During her first adventure, Jania was identified as carrying the ability of a Contritioner by another member of the church. She was given the choice of becoming one of that order, which Jania accepted. She went to the Contritioner’s temple and took her vows, completing her training in that sect.