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Kas's Picture

Motto: If it is valuable, it is worth trying to steal.

A young human, 5-11, with golden blonde hair and piercing hazel eyes. He has a lightly tan physique. He has a swagger about him, a certain confidence and sureness that puts some off and attracts others to him.

VERY charismatic when needed, but keeps to himself otherwise. An introvert that can function perfectly in society as needed, but prefers the company of very few and usually on his terms.

Doesn't hold much to be of personal value, but rather defines a possession or person based on what -others- value about it/them. Thus, the peasants gold is of little worth to him, but the lord's wealth, the lady's jewels, or their daughter's virtue are of much more interest... Any other theft he does is either out of necessity or as a challenge.

Quick to rise to a challenge, particularly hard to resist when made personal. Is very aware of when he is being manipulated this way, but seems to enjoy the thrill of proving himself.

Incredibly slow to trust, having a proven track record of bad decisions and burnt bridges. With women especially, he finds himself in trouble often. He knows the types he finds himself falling for are trouble, strongly independant or similarly introverted, and yet he does it time and again...

Considers himself to be very loyal. And in his own way, perhaps he is. He would never intentionally betray a friend or family, and past events that have lead to the unintentional hurt of those he loves has only served to strengthen that intent, always haunting his heart and thoughts.

The particulars of -why- he would consider an individual a friend seem a little grey. He is hypocritical perhaps in that he dislikes being distrusted unfairly, and is always flattered, though he may not show it, when someone puts trust in him. He further seems to appreciate when someone has his back, and is rare to forgive someone who betrays him.

As a counter to the loyalty he shows a friend or loved one, he has no such inhibitions if a person has not earned his friendship, or has lost it. Woe to those that cross him.

Isn't the most moral of individuals, but isn't a monster. He operates with a particular code of honor, though he doesn't advertise it, and it is perhaps all that has kept him from becoming a monster.

His reasons for adventuring are two-fold

As far as adventuring, he sets out because he must, his previous life stripped from him except for what he has on his back and the tools of his profession.

He seeks to save someone he loves dearly and have them back under his protection, and he seeks to gather the personal power and experience he needs in order to return to the place he considers his and exact vengeance upon those who wronged him and harmed those he loved.

This is a turning point for Kas, and whether he proceeds as a good man or as a monster will undoubtedly be influenced by those he adventures with...