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Kimiko Picture

Wizard of Tylora


Home: Titan's Harbor

I am 5-9" inches tall and weigh 156 pounds. I started adventuring when I was 20.

My father (Lord Hashiro Nomo) died defending Titan's Harbor when I was five. My dad was a Count and my younger brother is next inline, the duke allowed my mother Lady Hishi to be the regent until he became of age.

Supernatural Event: When I was very young, I escaped certain death and believes Allyra had a hand in it.

When I was reading books in my father's library, I came across on old Tome, from my Aunt Grace, it was a tome of Magic. As I read the Tome I knew I wanted to become a wizard. It will give me the power to bring justice to those who raided the harbor.

F) Mizuki - Aristocrat

F) Kimiko - Adventurer

F) Hishi - Academic

F) Noriko - Hunter Current whereabouts uknown

M Hiro - Runs the ranches in our holdings with mom as regent. Brokne relationship

A dwarf killed my once future husband, I am going to kill him.

My sister Noriko was recently attacked by a dwarf while out hunting, is the same dwarf that is my enemy? Why did he stop and then heal my sister. What about the mystery woman that gave her a devistating prophecy.

I am proficient with Insight and Persuasion.

I speak two languages. Common and Grimoire

My ideal to let everyone pursue their own livelihood, has been a guiding principal in my life.

I want to find those responsible for my father's death and make them pay for the hardship they brought to my family and the city I call home.

I am quick to assume that someone is trying to cheat me.