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FirstLevel Picture


Knock is 3’ 6” tall and weighs 45 pounds. He has brown eyes and brown hair. He is lean and athletic. He has slightly better than average looks; although he appears rugged and somewhat disheveled. He wears black leather armor with a black cloak and carries a rapier and a stiletto.


Knock was born 15 March 43,533 in the city of Halmir of the Kingdom of Elenia. He was the only child to Silver and Forger. Most of his young childhood was typical and uneventful until his 11th birthday when his father mysteriously disappeared; never to been seen or heard from again. Knock took it hard and blamed his mother for always hounding him and arguing with him. Further disaster would befall Knock’s life two years later when his mother died of plague that took many people of Halmir.

 Knock became introverted from lack of friends. This became worse when Knock was placed in an orphanage and was forced to abide by very rigid rules. Knock would always fight against the rules and because of this he would suffer terrible beatings at the hands of the boarding house master.

 Because the owner of the boarding house was very wealthy; Knock began to develop a burning hatred for the wealthy, especially, the wealthy who thumbed their nose at the poor. So Knock set about the task of stealing anything of value at the boarding home and sell it at whatever price he could get.

 Other children at the boarding house would always tell him to knock before entering a locked door. Over and over this would happen till everyone stopped calling him by his real name and referred to him as Knock. Today Knock refuses to recognize his true name and now only acknowledges Knock as his name.

 After being thrown out of the boarding school Knock got into all kinds of trouble: stealing just to survive and for the thrill of it; raping a young rich girl because she teased him; forging and selling false papers; dealing diluted medicines; and sabotaging carriages of the rich; just to name a few.

 Knock was finally arrested on some petty count of thieving food in the market square. While serving his time a strange occurrence happened. An old woman would visit him, talk to him and generally keep him company on regular intervals. Knock could never find out her name; for every time the subject was brought up she tactfully avoided it. Knock finally totally dismissed the whole subject. In any event her time spent with Knock helped him keep his sanity and it made the time go by much quicker.

 After spending nearly a year in jail, a local master burglar, Robrin Nysk, found Knock and trained him; setting Knock on the path he travels today.