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Ard Leonid “Leo”

Ard Leonid “Leo's” Picture

17 years old, 4’8” and 180 lbs.

Leo was born into a poor family, living in Dwarven quarter of the harbor-district of Diamond Port. His father is a stevedore at the docks and his mother is a mild-mannered cleaning lady.

Leo is the younger of two brothers, who share the same birthday, November 18th, exactly one year apart.

Leo and his brother spent much of their childhood working with their uncle, Tavin Sterngeist, one of the few Dwarven nobles in Diamond Port. Tavin runs the lighthouse/astronomical observatory at the edge of the harbor district.

Working for Tavin, Leo spent much of his childhood scribing notes, grinding lenses, and performing arithmetic. During this time, he developed a passionate interest in astronomy – reading numerous accounts of the time when the stars could be mapped, understood, and used for ship’s navigation.

Growing up in such a tight-knit community, he is fiercely loyal to the Dwarven community and to his family. Leo also has an air of an absent-minded professor, rather than an adventurous explorer. And though he is a bit risk-averse, timid, and well-fed; deep down inside he wants to explore the world, learn about astronomy, and unravel its mysteries.

The elder brother Ivan, who had just turned 18 years old, was sponsored by Tavin to attend university and study at The Dwarven Stronghold of Siginzâr (majoring in Dwarven studies, of course. With a minor in Dwarfing). He was sailing to Aviron aboard the Iron Justice.