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Iygo Braenek

I place no stock in wealthy or well-mannered folk. Money and manners won't save you from a hungry owlbear.

The natural world is more important than all the constructs of civilization.

I suffer awful visions of a coming disaster and will do anything to prevent it.

Violence is my answer to almost any challenge.

Lygo was born under an inauspicious omen; as his Mother went into labor near the mid of night, two additional green moons appeared in the sky, flanking the Full Seeker in its normal path across the heavens. As he was growing up, his parents would occasionally find Lygo had unexpectedly grown a tail, or catch him snagging insects from the air with a suddenly long tongue. They kept these odd features to themselves, as they seemingly appeared and vanished on their own and- while odd to say the least- were generally harmless.

Until the first week of Lygo's early education, when he mauled a classmate who had taken to insulting his generally scruffy appearance, with actual claws.

Transferred from his home into the custody of the local /branch/ of Allyra's faithful, the druids tried to train Lygo's natural-born abilities- but their efforts came to naught, due to his short temper and willingness (read: enthusiasm) to which he would resort to physical violence to solve his problems, real or imagined. Their best efforts failed, Lygo was left to the will of Allyra herself to guide his upbringing, and exiled into the wilds on his 20th birthday.

Now, 25 years later; Lygo heard a disturbance as he was hunting one day, and came across a strange assortment of small folk. After following them around for some time, observing from the shadows; Lygo decided to make contact after watching the band eek out a victory over their lizardfolk foes, and now travels with them, for the time being.