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Milo Lindenbrook

First Level Picture

Character History

Milo is a friendly and amiable halfling. Born into a family of circus performers the life of an entertainer came naturally to him. When he was young he met a bard (Belvir Tryedatha) who joined the troupe that his family traveled with for a short period of time. Milo found the entertainer fascinating, both for the stories that he would tell, and the abilities he had. One tragic night, a fire was started in the camp that killed his parents. The bard offered to take on MIlo as his ward, until he was able to find more appropriate housing for the young child.

The two traveled for several years, until it became apparent to the bard that there were elements of upbringing that he simply couldn't give Milo, and found a home for him at an orphanage. Angry at the decision, but maturing and understanding it as he grew, Milo left the orphanage to become a bard, and ultimately find his mentor/adoptive guardian.

Wants to be the greatest entertainer in the world.