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Albanov “Nova” Arnet

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Nova was born in a small village somewhere on the continent of Aviron, or so he would think. Orphaned at the age of five, a group of bandits killed his parents and sold the village's children into slavery. Scarred by the violence, he only vaguely remembers his parents' faces, and not their names or the name of the village.

Years passed, and the other children were sold, one by one, mostly to farming communities, though a few were sold to serfs and royalty. But nobody wanted Nova. He wasn't as strong, or as fast, or as hardy as the other children. Nor was he handsome, for his hate for the bandits never left him. His face stayed dark and unhappy.

At twelve years old, the bandits had almost given up on him, and he on himself. And giving up meant being left in the wilderness to die. But fate finally smiled on him when the bandit group came to Ravensburg. It was only by chance that one of the town's calligraphers passed by the children on a morning stroll and caught sight of Nova. Their eyes met just for moment, the man's eyes a striking green. But what did it matter? He wasn't going to see him again.

That evening, much to Nova's surprise, the bandit leader Roland Strakland beckoned him to his tent. Inside was that same man. Roland was clearly annoyed. Why did this man want Nova? He reminded himself it was just gold, though, so it wasn't his business. "No Returns, No Refunds" was their policy, after all.

On the way back into town, The man introduced himself as Rapheer Arnet. Nova was afraid. He was now a real slave, and he had no idea what Rapheer did. Would it be heavy labor? Would he have to cook or sew? Would he be beaten when he didn't do things just right, or thrown out on the street in the cold?

He walked a few more steps when he realized Rapheer wasn't walking anymore. Looking back, Nova saw him standing in front of a beautiful house of mahogony and cut stone. He beckoned Nova inside. Nova couldn't believe Rapheer owned such a beautiful house in the city.

The inside was filled with bookshelves and loose papers. There was a wonderful smell coming from the stewpot over the fire. A smiling woman was stirring its contents, and welcomed Rapheer back. She introduced herself as Jane Arnet, Rapheer's wife. Rapheer and Jane had married late in life, past Jane's childbearing years. The Arnet's didn't want a slave -- they wanted a child. They gave him the proper name Albanov Arnet, after Rapheer's father, though Jane always called him Nova.

Rapheer was a calligrapher and magician for a library in Ravensburg, and he started Nova's training as a scribe immediately. Nova was overjoyed to spend every day with his father. He quickly learned to read and write, and soon had read nearly all the books kept at home. The world of books let him go anywhere and learn anything. When he learned his father's magic also came from books, he pleaded his father teach him. Rapheer was himself excited, since one reason he chose Nova was the potential he saw for his magic. But it was just the opposite! Nova had to spend weeks to master any given spell. The challenge brewed in him a fierce determination he keeps to this day.

Nova's world didn't stay happy forever, though. In his 17th year, Jane fell ill, and despite the healing services provided, she passed a few months later. Rapheer became much more serious and somber afterward. He insisted that Nova focus on becoming a competent calligrapher, and that magic and research could come second.

In Nova's 22nd year, his father fell sick with the same illness that had taken Jane. On his deathbed, Rapheer told Nova his dying wish. Now with a stable home, Nova should travel the world and explore its beauty. Keep his determination and follow his dreams of discovering and perfecting magic. Stay lighthearted, following wherever the wind blows. But keep friends and family close, for in friends lies immense power, the power to change a person's life as had Nova's.

He took his father's advice and decided to become an adventurer and magic investigator in addition to his calligraphy work. The friends and family he gained in Ravensburg filled Nova with hope for the future. No king or law had saved him, but his friends loved and accepted him, despite his early slavery. And that was all that mattered.