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Nyrde (named Nyrdexlpyx Dowingle, though most called him simply “Nyrde”) was a rock gnome raised by his parents in a moderately sized village located along a well-traveled trade route to a city on the Free City Line. He spent the first two decades of his life being a happy child and apprenticing for his tinkerer parents. That was until they were killed by a criminal who was unhappy with the clockwork drill his parents had made for the man.

The village’s local hermit-like wizard was contracted to hunt down the criminal and bring the would-be safe-cracker to justice. Because no one else was willing to take the young gnome in, the old wizard took him on as an apprentice in lieu of payment from the village elders.

Young Nyrde spent almost a decades working for the old wizard. He cooked, he cleaned, he sorted, and he was a research assistant. But along the way and over time, the old wizard actually did begin teaching the young nimble-fingered gnome simple cantrips and useful spells. But Nyrde spent most of his time assisting the wizard in researching into magical arts that some might consider unnatural …

In all the time that Nyrde lived with his parents or with his master, the old wizard spent nearly all of his life locked away in his library. He only knew of a few times where his master had left said library, and almost always at the urging of the village elders who needed his guidance more than they feared his odd wizarding ways. Nyrde learned how to do research, study lore, and find more questions than answers from the books in his master’s library. Finally, when his master finally determined the young rock gnome was beyond a simple apprentice in the wizarding arts, Nyrde decided to find answers in a different way. He wanted to set out and find like-minded individuals in search of battling evil, uncovering ancient secrets, and finding ancient treasures, all of which he could then research and study.